Quiz: How well do YOU know your fast food?

Tricky fast food quiz challenges fans to guess the name of recognisable burgers, pizzas and subs – so, can you get all 13 correct?

  • Tricky quiz, created by Breville, will put nation’s fast food knowledge to the test
  • Challenges puzzlers to look at illustrations of 13 different popular fast foods 
  • So, can you identify the recognisable burgers to pizzas and subs from the list?

A tricky fast food-based quiz will put the knowledge of even the biggest of foodies to the test. 

The challenge, created by UK-based cookery brand Breville, challenges puzzlers to look at illustrations of 13 different popular fast foods, ranging from recognisable burgers to pizzas and subs, and to identify each one.

Each illustration shows a range of options to give you a helping hand. So, how well do you know your fast-food chains? 

1. Which famous burger do you see?

· Big Tasty

· Double Whopper

· Big Mac

2. All hail pizza! Guess the name of this one:

· Domino’s Mighty Meaty

· Pizza Express Veneziana

· Pizza Hut Supreme

3. If bacon reigns above all .. which burger do you think this is?

· Bacon Double XL

· Bacon King

· Bacon Double Cheeseburger

4. Which Subway classic is this?

· Italian Sub

· Spicy Italian Sub

· Meatball Sub

5. Where can you find this veggie bean burger delight?


· Burger King

· Greggs

6. What finger lickin’ chicken burger is this?

· KFC Fillet Burger

· McDonald’s Chicken Legend

· Burger Kind Chicken Royale

7. Where will you find this QUORN fillet?

· McDonald’s

· Five Guys


8. Can you guess the name of this spicy delight?

· Fillet Tower Burger

· Zinger Tower Burger

· Cheeseburger

9. Which classic is this?

· Filet-o-Fish

· Big Mac

· Whopper

10. Can you guess this sub?

· Chicken Royale Bacon and Cheese

· Italian B.L.T.

· B.L.T.

11. In a mood for a red pesto veggie goujon deluxe?


· McDonald’s

· Burger King

12. Which big burger is this?

· Quarter Pounder with cheese

· Hamburger

· Whopper

13. Which specialty pizza is this?

· Pizza Express Padana

· Pizza Hut The G.O.A.T.

· Domino’s Vegi Supreme


 1. Big Mac

2. Pizza Hut Supreme

3. Bacon King

4. Meatball Sub

5. Burger King

6. KFC Fillet Burger

7. KFC


8. Zinger Tower Burger

9. Whopper

10. B.L.T.

11. McDonald’s

12. Quarter Pounder with cheese

13. Pizza Express Padana


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