Raiders star Maxx Crosby opens up on beef with Patrick Mahomes from headbutts and shoulder shoves ahead of renewing their rivalry in Christmas Day clash: ‘I’ll hunt his a** down every time’

  • Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders play for the second time this season 
  • Patrick Mahomes and Maxx Crosby have had a feud based on respect for years
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Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby has talked openly about his beef with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes ahead of their teams’ AFC West clash on Christmas Day. 

‘I’ll hunt his a** down every time I go out there,’ Crosby said after one encounter with Mahomes in a clip shared by CBS to tease the reignition of their rivalry next week. ‘But he knows that and he respects that and it goes both ways.’

Crosby and Mahomes memorably started their feud last October when the agitation from the Raiders defensive end caused the quarterback to ask the Las Vegas star to ‘Chill out a little bit.’

When that didn’t work, things got a lot more intense with Mahomes and Crosby engaging in a headbutt, face mask to face mask, with the Kansas City signal caller yelling, ‘I’m here all day!’

Mahomes followed that up with ‘You woke up the wrong motherf***er’ five times. 

Maxx Crosby and Patrick Mahomes have gone head-to-head a few times in the NFL before 

Crosby wants to 'hunt his a** down every time' in regards to how he plays against Mahomes

Crosby wants to ‘hunt his a** down every time’ in regards to how he plays against Mahomes

Crosby dove further into his playing philosophy against Mahomes and other NFL quarterbacks.    

‘Quarterbacks, you know, every year they ask “Who are the guys you don’t like to play against?” I want every quarterback to say me,’ Crosby said. 

Crosby is currently tied for fifth in the NFL with 13.5 sacks. 

The last time the Chiefs and Raiders faced on November 26 Crosby sacked Mahomes once, his only tackle of the game. 

It’s been 14 months since Mahomes and Crosby got face to face at Arrowhead Stadium. And on Monday night, they’ll have another opportunity to continue their feud.