Read fuming bride’s aggressive texts after her grandma mistakenly shared photos of her wedding dress on Facebook: ‘This is so wrong’

A furious bride-to-be has been slammed online after lashing out at her own grandmother for accidentally posting photos of her dream dress on Facebook.

The young woman shared photos of texts which show her abusing her elderly grandma who accidentally turned the secret snaps into her profile picture.

The fuming bride explained both she and her mother in law wept when she tried on the gown and thought it was ‘the one’.

So when she woke up to see her technologically challenged granny has posted them for the world to see she was livid.

A bride has revealed her fury at waking up to see her grandmother had accidentally posted her dream wedding dress to Facebook 

The post included a strange caption offering to buy the bride a variety of crowns to try with the dress – this made it obvious it was meant to be sent as a message. 

The bride demanded her grandma take the photos down and told her the mistake had ‘hurt her deeply’.

The grandma appeared frazzled.

‘I’m so sorry, I was trying to send you the pictures. I don’t know what I did that it showed up there. I’m not sure how to take it down. So very sorry I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you on purpose, I love you,’ the nana replied sweetly.

But the future bride was having none of it and drove to her home before demanding to know where she was.

She labelled the mistake ‘absolute f***ing betrayal’ and banned her grandma from coming to her wedding.

She also posted about the error on Facebook.

‘I am absolutely crushed by this,’ she explained.

And said when she saw it the morning after the shopping trip she asked her grandma to take it down.

The bumbling grandma made matters worse by accidentally replacing the profile picture and story with more photos of the dress.

‘It is currently still up and my entire family has seen it or commented on it,’ she said.

She added that the shopping trip lead to the discovery of three ‘amazing’ dresses. The women, including her grandma, who had supported her in the fitting had been sworn to secrecy.

The bride-to-be said her nana made things worse when she tried to remedy the mistake

The bride-to-be said her nana made things worse when she tried to remedy the mistake 

And they ad all promised not to show anyone photos from the day – especially of the top three gowns – which all appeared on grandma’s feed.

While people could understand why the bride was upset they couldn’t understand how she treated the elderly woman in such an awful way.

Many dubbed the bride to be a bridezilla and were shocked she would post proof of her abusive behaviour online, while playing victim.

 ‘Okay being upset is understandable. Her reaction is not. Give old people some patience, technology is far more advanced than what they’re used to,’ one woman said.

‘Jesus, my grandma has no idea how to use Facebook and I could see her making a mistake like this. Honestly though my fiancé loves her and I think if I talked to her this way he’d leave me. This is such horrible behavior over an accident,’ said another.

A third added: ‘I want to know who nana is so I can go to her place and help her block you from her life.’

But people claim she is at fault - because of how she abused her grandma following the situation

But people claim she is at fault – because of how she abused her grandma following the situation 

The bride was further shamed after describing her grandma as her rock – and main support person.

She explained her own mother is toxic and abusive but the bumbling grandma had been with her through thick and thin.

‘I love when unhinged people have to preface their horrible actions with ‘I went thru trauma’ as if that even matters after you violently threaten your grandmother. What a sick person,’ one woman said.

A second agreed: ‘How can you call your nana your rock and then literally send abuse messages and threaten her. This is actually one of the worst things I’ve ever read.’

A screen shot of the woman’s original post was shared to wedding shaming groups where thousands of people expressed shock and outrage.