Real Estate Guide: selling a house in Kansas

The key to entering the housing market is getting ready and researching correctly.

No matter state, city, or county you live in or want to move in. Each local market would have its customs. To successfully sell the house quickly and with as much profit as possible, you must know how to navigate the market.

Luckily, real estate value in Kansas has been growing for the past five years. Any seller has a good chance of closing the deal for a reasonable price.

Let’s find out how to choose Kansas realtors, when it’s better to put your house on the market and how the selling process goes. Any realtor will confirm that selling time depends on the season, city, and neighborhood.

You should know the market outlook to ensure you get the best deal.

How to choose the right real estate agent?

It’s common knowledge that realtors work on commission.

Many doubt if real estate agents are worth the money they charge for selling your home. It is possible to send the house on your own with enough research or a good understanding of the laws and documentation.

However, realtors gain around 33% more profit from the sale.

The truth is that real estate agents have an expanded database of buyers. They know how to analyze the market and negotiate a better price for their clients. Realtors have many tricks to make the houses look more attractive to the targeted buyers.

They know the best time when you should open your listing, depending on how much time you have for the sale. The best advantage of having a realtor is ensuring that documents and legal items will be handled correctly and with no surprises.

Many sellers in Kansas would confirm that real estate agents are worth the investment because, after all, it’s their job to sell your house for better money and a shorter time.

How to price the house to your benefit?

The longer your house is listed on the market, the faster the price will start dropping, and as a result, less profit you’ll gain. Sometimes how long it’s going to take the house to sell depends not only on the season but on the price you put for the home.

When it comes to price making, most people just go with their gut, trying to gain as much as possible.

However, it’s the wrong strategy. Surely every seller wants to earn money from the trading. It’s a golden rule of the real-estate market that you have to invest in the property that will cost more by the time you would like to sell it.

However, you have to stay true to the market and play by the rules.

What happens if you price the property too high? You won’t attract buyers. Some think they would negotiate with buyers. On the contrary, most buyers won’t attend the showings if the price is out of budget, even if they loved the property.

They might find you pretentious for rating the property too high.

The solution is to use competitive market analysis. You would be able to come up with a price that is reasonable enough for the buyers and still beneficial for you. That is something your local realtor is qualified to do for you.

What is the best time to start selling your house in Kansas?

After you decide on the price, the next question is when to file your listing. Of course, some people don’t have the luxury of waiting for the right season. If you’re moving cross-state or relocating to another city, you must make the best of the season.

However, if you have time at your disposal, you should think about your priorities. Would you want to sell a house fast, or would you rather wait for a better buyer and investor?

The Kansas housing market is no exception as it is seasonal. Statistics show us that the best month for selling is June, with a sale price of over $310,000 and only 35 days in the market.

However, in the big cities like Wichita, the top month for sale would be May. The time of purchase could even depend on the neighborhood. Experience shows buyers with families would rather close the deal before the school year.

Make sure to consult with your local realtor, as they would have all the data from previous years to predict when it’s better to list your house in your specific area and neighborhood.

How to present the house and attract buyers?

Marketing and the presentation of the house are something the sellers usually ignore. However, making your home look like from the design magazine is crucial for a better trade.

People think that it’s expensive to make your house ready for showing. In reality, it takes some smart tricks like relocating some furniture, hiding all the outdated kitchen appliances, and adding excellent lighting, color, and cozy smells.

A professional realtor needs only a couple of hours to make your house stand out and feel welcoming. Keep in mind to make professional pictures or videos for the advertisements.

You got an offer. What’s next?

After you succeed in finding a buyer, there is where the main work starts. Usually, it takes quite a while to close the deal and hand over the keys. Here is where you would be happy that you invested in the realtor.

Navigating negotiations, signing purchase agreements, and performing house inspections, signings, and closings is challenging. Professional assistance on the selling journey would save you from many headaches and make the process carefree.