Reasons to Move to Washington, DC

Apart from being the heart of the nation, Washington DC has more than a historic-filled experience and cultural significance to offer its occupants. From the relaxing diverse neighborhoods and fun outdoor activities to the significant monuments and amazing sporting games, here are the top 10 reasons to move to Washington DC.

Climate and Nature

Whatever your favorite season is, you get to experience the full brunt of all seasons in DC. However, you’ll miss the stormy snow of the Northeast that usually falls heavily. Residents readily expect the snow to start lightly before getting the full hit over 20 inches. However, winter is usually not that bad. You want to expect an average of 14inches of snow during the winter.

The best part, you won’t have to swim across your neighborhood during the summer like in the West. Humidity sheathes DC during the summer. While the summer and winter seasons may notice drastic changes, expect to experience the cherry blossoms of the spring and cool air in fall.

Likewise, DC offers nature-filled green-space heaven for its residents. Major parks like the National Arboretum, the Kenilworth Aquatic Garden, Hillwood Garden, Franciscan Monastery Gardens, and the Potomac Park make up some of the outstanding green spaces in the district that offers the perfect spot for hiking, family picnics, relaxing walk and bike trails.

Growing labor market

Getting a job in DC simply equates to living a large life, as you can easily afford the high cost of living. DC boasts a robust and high-paying labor market, from the federally-inclined jobs to the media, healthcare, technology, and even tourism.

The best part, if you love corporate jobs, expect a steady flow of income monthly as you get quick employment anywhere in DC. Averagely, residents can even score a household income up to $64,000 annually, which is twenty-one percent higher than the national average.


DC is the sport’s hub for every sports enthusiast. No matter your favorite sports team, you always have someone to watch the game with. From baseball and basketball games to soccer and hockey, there’s always a professional game to watch all year round.

Enjoy watching professional sports teams like the Capitals, the Wizards, Washington Nationals, Washington Mystics, and even the NFL team play in professional leagues in various seasons, at any time of the day.


The advanced academic setting in DC is another reason you want to consider moving to the nation’s capital. Today, there are over 208 public schools and 87 private academic colleges and institutions providing your child with a first-class learning experience, advanced teaching models, thoroughly tested teaching methods, and a planned-out curriculum.

Even the teacher-to-student stipulated standard is quite promising than the national average of 13:1. In DC, an awesome learning process awaits your kids.

Affordable prices

Due to the increased population and fast-growing economy, the price of housing is steep, whether you’re planning to rent or buy one. However, this may not be the case in some environments. While most people fear moving to Washington DC due to the high cost of living, a place like the Virginia campus allows a more affordable housing option, whether buying or renting.


In Washington DC, you never require a car. Although your automobile may come in handy on rainy days, the newly advanced metro station is a better option in major areas. While DC’s metro may not be the best in the country like that of New York City, the bus, rails, and trains take you through your routes faster than using a car.


DC’s residents come from every nooks and corner of the world. Statics equates DC’s residents as 48% white, 25% blacks, 14% Latinos, and 9% Asians. What then does this mean? DC’s residents have different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. So, if you’re from Africa, Asia, or Hispanic, you never have to stand out in the crowd and easily blend in with the different personalities and brilliantly diverse cultures.


Every foodie will love the taste of DC’s specialty treats at top-notch restaurants and diners. But the fun part is the availability of various word-wide delicacies, especially with the multitudes of residents from various cultural backgrounds. One way or the other, you get to taste something from every part of the world. With the incredible delicious cuisine, residents find it easy to choose any dish that would soothe your taste.

Many attractions

While there are multiple reasons to move to Washington DC, the plethora of outdoor attractions in this district will keep you on your feet. Speak of the museums; you’ll find some amount of America’s history, art and culture, and science in places like the National Gallery of Arts, the Air and Space Museum, The National Museum of African-American History, and the National Museum of America’s History. The best part, you never have to pay to visit the museum. In essence, DC’s museums are free.

What’s more, enjoy going through the historical monuments of America while educating yourself about the heroes of the nation in places like the National Mall. Here, you find world-class monuments of historic times like the Lincoln, Washington Monuments, Korean War Veterans, Jefferson Memorials, and World War II.

Lots of Outdoor Activities

Even with the big city life, it is easy to find a relaxing spot away from the crowded city situation with lots of fun outdoor activities. DC’s landscape parks offer you that serene outdoor space to not only share in nature’s gentle touch but also engage yourself in creative activities that will keep you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Places like the National Mall, US National Arboretum, and the Tidal Basin even serve as the perfect playground for your kids.