Reasons to use surrogacy

Surrogacy is an artificial and assisted method of having offspring. Some couples want to expand their families while being unable to produce offspring on their own. The majority of the couples are infertile and unable to conceive a baby naturally. In such cases, people are likely to adopt offspring or to go for surrogacy. There are several reasons for people opting for surrogacy. Some of the most significant reasons to use surrogacy are as follows.

Being infertile

Being infertile is the biggest and the most authentic reason to opt for surrogacy. There can be several reasons for being infertile such as low sperm count or some inflammatory diseases. Some women have an ectopic pregnancy, and they suffer from infertility issues. Some couples have difficulties in conceiving, and some couples have no idea of their infertility unless they get advice from professionals.

Homosexual couples

Surrogacy is quite common in same-sex couples. Same-sex couples can never give birth to a child. In the past few years, surrogacy was the most used method to expand families, particularly in the LGBT community. The LGBT community can have a perfect way to start their family using surrogacy. Same-sex couples can have babies through surrogacy.

Single individuals

A single woman who is unable to conceive or carry a baby is more likely to get the assistance of surrogate mother (leihmutterschaft). Surrogacy is helpful in giving babies to single individuals. Moreover, a single man with the assistance of surrogate mother can have his own baby.


Age is the biggest factor in the conceiving ability of a mother. The chances of being pregnant are reduced to an amazing extent when a woman reaches the age of forty or more. Fertility medications can be used to get pregnant again, even after the age of forty years. At this stage, the majority of the women are seen to have the assistance of  leihmutter usa kosten – surrogate mothers to give birth to new babies.


Medications are another reason why people opt for surrogacy. People have to take several long-term medications during pregnancy. People suffering from chronic illness cannot afford to take medicines for a long duration. This is one of the most significant reasons why people opt for surrogacy.

An alternate to adoption

Adoption is not the last option to have offspring. Some people might consider it better to adopt a child but adopting a child is not the last possible option. People can have offspring of blood-relation using surrogacy. Surrogacy can help people get the same blooded offspring with the assistance of gestational mother.

Some physical problems

Several physical conditions such as congenital uterine abnormality and hysterectomy can make it difficult for some women to get pregnant. Such conditions can never let women get pregnant even after countless struggles. In such cases, women suffering from physical abnormalities can have the assistance of gestational mothers to give birth to their baby on their behalf.

These are some of the most significant reasons to use surrogacy. These reasons have made people opt for surrogacy. Surrogate mothers play the most significant role in this process.