Reasons why people love to gamble

Gambling can be a lot of fun when played with the right set of people. It is said to be a great stress reliever too. Some people consider it like a punching bag where they can dump all their deadline tensions, project works, the aggression of managers, and the rift between co-workers.

Your chance of winning big increases with every step and practice you do. It is important to gamble responsibly when you put forth real money. Nobody wants to end up losing money. So, why some people like to gamble.

Winning big

Gambling has always tempted people with the notion of winning big as that can change their lifestyle tremendously, pay off their existing loans or have enough capital to start their business. It gives a high that no other sport can give. It is the right mindset to have to win the jackpot, however, getting carried away with the hope of winning the jackpot can be harmful. The constant news in the media that covers the winners who won big is another major reason why everyone wants to win big. It is the typical ‘rags to riches story.

Financial needs

Everyone deserves a better lifestyle and an abundant inflow of money. Hence gambling seems to be the most common option utilized by most people to seek these answers. In the recent financial crisis that people have been experiencing, gambling seems to be a shortcut to solve their financial problems.

It helps them pay debts and makeup up their lost job. If the meager amount they have in hand can solve their thousand dollar problems then why not take a chance in gambling. It can double or triple their investment if they win.

For fun and frolic

Some people start gambling as a hobby to kill time. This later gets converted to a habit that may or may not become addictive based on the nature of the person. The mundane lifestyle will demand a change from the routine hence people welcome gambling with their open arms. It’s the serotonin and dopamine that keep a person hooked to the game as they are the happy hormones.

Gambling gives so much pleasure which no other game or sports offer. And this is why people gamble even after losing big. It gets into their DNA as gambling is predominantly about fun and subordinately about money. Gambling is also commonly seen during parties and helps form social connections faster.


Recent studies have proved that online games tend to increase the concentration in a person. When they give their undivided attention to a particular activity, it is highly unlikely for them to get distracted. Hence their concentration and memory power increases rapidly. However, if you are someone who doesn’t want to pay much attention to the game, then you can choose to play games like slot machines and bingo which are popular among the older generation.

Stress relief

Gambling is said to eradicate negative feelings in a person as it is a stress relief to the players. Players who gamble often are said to have experienced a feeling that shifts all their worries from family, office, school, and financial needs. It gives them temporary relief from all the mental health problems they are facing in real life. This escapade relieves them from anxieties and tension.


If you are an extrovert who loves to make friends, you will love the setup of gambling as it helps to build meaningful connections all around the world. You will get exposed to hundreds of people and learn about their life experiences in a short period. This also helps the players collaborate with their existing friends too. It gives a sense of belonging when you play a team. The teamwork will speak for itself.

If you are an introvert then gambling can be a great sport for you as you get to interact one on one with the players. The conversation is real as the number of people involved is lesser. So whatever your nature of socialization is, gambling helps you deal with ease.

Availability of gambling websites

Land-based casinos are not the only available option to gamble. With the rising need to go digital, even casinos are now available online. It’s easy for people to access the websites at the tap of a button. These websites are user-friendly and are also available in mobile applications.

ESC online app is a one-stop solution to all your gambling needs. Due to its easy accessibility people have grown fond of playing games online. It offers many games and keeps adding new games now and then to keep the players motivated to play more. This mobile app also provides the liberty to play from any corner of the world and all that is required is a mobile device and an internet connection.

How to download the app? Since gambling is considered a taboo in certain countries, they have restricted the downloading of apps. Please remember that the app may not be available on Play Store and App Store depending on each countries restriction.

To download ESC online app, open their corresponding website and register yourself as a member if you are not already a member. After you create your account, it will display an option to download the app. This link will take you to Android or iOS download links depending on your phone’s software.

You can download the app from the link. Make sure to give permissions to install the app as the application is externally downloaded. Once the download is complete, you can log into the app with the same credentials used to on the website to enjoy the account benefits. You will receive various promotions and offers on your account. You are now set to begin your betting game.