Reasons Why You Should Seriously Consider Professional Lawyer Website Development

Today, almost everything is happening online. If someone within your city is looking for information about a law firm handling business contracts, they start with the internet. These potential clients are not likely to visit a local library or expect their friends to offer useful legal advice. Instead, they pick their phones and search Google.

Your law firm needs to attract such clients. And, the digital transformation is bringing a shift to how you and your clients communicate and interact with each other.

Below are reasons lawyer website development is a mandatory part of your law firm’s structure today.

Easier Way for Clients to Find You Online

Even when you run advertisements on local media or use referrals, potential clients will look you up online before signing a contract with you. Your TV commercial might have the call to action and a phone number, but your website is what clients will always look for.

This is because people do not have time to memorize the phone number or website address on a TV commercial—that is if they watch the commercial. Instead, they will remember your law firm’s name and Google it.

Efficient Communication

Those who are interested in your firm, such as potential clients and business partners, will visit your website to grab some basic information. Sometimes, all they want is your phone number, mailing address, email address, or directions to your office.

The best law firm website design companies help you secure a prime real estate piece online. This is a place under your control, so you can update and refresh your basic information.

Trust and Credibility

Commercial internet is only a few years old, but it has evolved quickly and is impacting our everyday lives. Do you know that a massive 26 percent of the American population does not trust a business without a website?

At a fundamental level, a website helps establish legitimacy. You are leaving a lot of money on the table if your firm does not have a website yet. However, this is just the first step.

A modern, well-designed website with professional, crisp photos is critical. Your website is the equivalent of a resume or CV for a law firm or a solo legal practitioner.

A mobile-friendly design with current photos of your team is an essential trust-building tool, as well. Look at your competitor’s website, and you will find this is what they are doing.

Essential Online Marketing Tool

Lawyer website development also offers you an avenue for online marketing. Here are some common online marketing strategies you can use with your firm’s website.

PPC and Online Advertising

Most online advertising falls in the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) category. It means you are only paying for the ads once people click on them.

The online advertisement directs potential clients to your website. Whether you are planning to advertise your services online today or in the future, you must leave the possibility open.

Using Social Media

Social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, are also suitable for online marketing. However, you still need a website if you are considering social media advertisements. This ensures you funnel followers, fans, and visitors using content you are sharing and posting on social platforms back to your site.

SEO and Blogging

Publishing or blogging online articles helps attract new clients. But, you need a place to host the content.

The best hosting space is your firm’s site. Many law firm website design templates make it easy to publish your content.

Use the articles to provide answers to people looking for legal answers online. Organic traffic from search engines helps build your firm’s online presence and bring in new clients.

Platform to Explain Your Specialty

Use your website to convey to prospects whether you are a full-service practice or just focusing on a specific niche. This is critical for people who might have heard about your firm from other sources or looking online for legal representation.

A company that builds websites for lawyers can ensure that web visitors find the information they need when they land on your site. This ensures potential clients can see whether you can help them with their specific legal problems within seconds of opening your site. Such simple information and design increase the odds of getting more phone calls or emails.

Lead Conversion

Lawyers in consumer-facing law areas usually look forward to phone calls. It is the best way to qualify and convert leads into clients. Plus, it is a great online marketing aim to have.

Unfortunately, not everyone will make that call!

Backups, such as your email address, a live chat box, and a contact form, expand the options available for clients to make that first initial contact. Shy people and those battling sensitive legal matters might want to exercise more discretion. Your website offers them several options for communication, which will help increase your lead conversion rate.

24/7 Availability

Everybody in your firm has a life outside the office. While you are not around, your firm’s website will still be up and running throughout the day and night, meeting and greeting new and returning clients that are checking out your profile.

Your website must be properly set up, so clients can take action whenever they are ready. After your paralegals and assistants have gone home for the day or weekend, your website should still be functional. It should generate more leads and add value to your firm around the clock.

Tracking Capabilities

Law firm website design services can set up your site with analytics and data tracking platforms. This helps track the actions and behaviors users take on your website. The data can help you define a dollar-figure metric for how much a lead or action that has been taken on your site is costing.

These analytics can track different values depending on your goals. For example, you can find out the number of form submissions and phone calls, the number of people who click the email button, and even the number of people who looked at your Contact Us page.

Start Building Your Firm’s Website Now!

When you consider the potential value a website is producing for your law firm, it is an asset to drive powerful lead generation and marketing. Make sure you are getting the best out of your online marketing effort by contracting professional lawyer website development services!

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