Reasons you need wire wall shelves in your kitchen: tips on how to install wire shelves on the wall

When it comes to the equipment for commercial workspaces, businesses in the catering industry must take charge of managing kitchen staff performance, room functionality, the safety of a working environment, and enough solid storage surfaces and units for an array of appliances, supplies, kitchen tools, products, ingredients, etc. It is impossible to arrange the kitchen area blindly without planning, competent space management, and an ergonomic scheme. Thus, the installation of sturdy and steady wire wall shelves can be a clever solution to a lack of place for storing to ensure smooth establishment operation. Coming mostly in white, wire wall shelves can hold almost everything, including heavy products and items needed for daily food prep. With a wire wall basket, it is possible to maximize storage capacity even more. Here are a few obvious benefits that you can achieve investing in a wire basket shelf:

  • easy installation;
  • perfectly fits even into small spaces;
  • made of durable, rust-resistant material that can withstand high humidity;
  • the wall-mounted organizer can double your storage space;
  • due to its hassle-free mounting and longevity, it is ideal not only for kitchens but for almost any room.

Why open-based wire wall shelves can become your indispensable assistant? Firstly, it helps to keep a balance between beauty and functionality. For commercial spaces, the shelving system should offer the most comfortable experience. It is crucial to keep all the necessary tools for efficient meal preparation within reach. Thus, only open wire shelves can give valuable flexibility, avoiding the chaos that usually happens when ignoring a wise shelving strategy.

Benefits of a wire wall shelf

  • consistent air circulation: ventilation is of high importance, especially for stored components for future meals; wire shelf will ensure airflow, eliminating dust and dirt accumulation;
  • easy to assemble and customize: tailor-made solution can maximize the usage of vertical spaces; thus, shelves are possible to mount at a comfortable level;
  • versatility: ideal for umpteen storage applications;
  • maintenance-free: with wire shelves, the cleaning procedures won’t cause any bad headaches, as maintenance is minimal even when it comes to commercial kitchens; being element proof, excessive moisture will not damage the material;
  • cost-effective: wire wall shelves are affordable compared to other storing options;
  • fire-safety: fireproof equipment can help to avoid costly damages and injuries not only to your employees but also to visitors; commercial kitchens are at higher fire risks, so a metal wire shelf is strong enough to survive the fire.

If you don’t want your personnel to lose valuable time on searching different pieces of equipment or frequently used ingredients, condiments, loose products, the wire basket option will keep its contents visible. Some models even have a label plate to easily identify and always remember what is inside.

Installation of a wire shelf with a support system

Before installing, there is a couple of things to determine in order to complete the tasks successfully without flaws. First of all, consider the weight factor that will impact the installed shelf. Another thing is the wall material where you want to hand the product, its fragility, and whether it allows holding that specified weight of stored items. Then, figure out the height of the shelves to comply with ergonomics requirements. To mount the most common wire wall shelves model into the wall is possible by doing the following: draw the level line, drill the holes straight across, mount the anchor in, push in the nail, cover up the clip, set the shelf in, and let it hand. In such a way, you will level the unit. After, install the angled wall support system. Use two brackets: place them onto the front of the shelf, onto the wall, and make a mark. Drill holes and set brackets in. All mounting hardware should come together with the shelf.

The installation process depends on the shelf type. Always check the product descriptions and instruction sheet. Also, make sure you have everything needed before starting. Here is a list of basic tools: level, drill, drywall anchors, hammer, screwdrivers, tape measure. Usually, the failure comes when not considering the weight that shelves will hold. Thus, analyze your commercial needs to choose the appropriate wall mount wire shelves.