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Reddit: Small detail on Coles milk carton label leaves customers stunned

Why this hidden detail on Coles milk cartons is the talk of shoppers: ‘Those poor farmers’

  • Shopper spots small detail on Coles milk cartons
  • The label reads the milk is ‘sourced from South Australian farmers’
  • The wording can be taken a very wrong way  

A shopper noticed a tiny but amusing detail on milk cartons sold at Coles supermarkets.

A customer shared an image of the Coles two-litre Full Cream Milk carton and pointed out the wording on the label is poorly written.

It reads the milk is ‘sourced from South Australian farmers’, leading amused shoppers to note that the wording makes it sound as though it is sourced ‘from people’.

The customer mentioned it would be correct to say the milk is sourced from cows and not people.

‘I thought milk came from cows. What is Coles doing to these farmers?’ the shopper wrote on Reddit.

A customer pointed out the label on a 2L Coles Full Cream Milk carton was poorly worded. It reads the milk is ‘sourced from South Australian farmers’ – which can be taken a different way

The observation sparked a conversation and amused thousands on the Reddit forum.

‘No wonder the price has gone up,’ one wrote, another added: ”I thought it tasted funny…’ 

A third joked: ‘Do the farmers are least get enough roaming time?’ 

‘They’re happy, we’re happy. Everybody is happy. And you want to be happy you’ll stop asking questions and move along,’ another wrote. 

Others couldn’t help but sympathise with Aussie dairy farmers who ‘have it tough’. 

‘Milking the farmers for all they’re worth?’ one said. 

‘Farmers have been complaining that the supermarket chains are milking them for years. I don’t know how you’re surprised,’ another added.