Relevance of Transplanting

Transplanting of plants has ideally been a perfect alternative to the seeding of crops. Many farmers prefer to transplant their crops since it is environmentally and economically advantageous. All you need is the right machinery and tools to transplant your crops without damaging them.

That is where Checchi & Magli come in. This is a company that has been in existence since 1976. They are known to produce the best transplanters in the world. The company has been studying farming for a long time, which has enabled them to manufacture top quality machinery such as the Checchi & Magli wolf transplanter. With their machines, you can never go wrong as they are built to precision. Order your ideal transplanter from them and smile your way to the farm.

Transplanting also increases yields alongside their quality while bringing down the costs and the inputs. Here are the advantages of transplanting your crops rather than seeding:

Shifting weather adaptation

Several countries worldwide seem to be addressing the shifting weather patterns and agricultural adaptation. Transplanting has the perfect solution for countries looking to conquer the weather forces for their plants’ survival. Transplanting ensures your crops are not affected by frost as they will not be in the ground for long.

These transplanted plants will be healthier out in the field since they were already established compared to field seeded plants. The sturdy root system is already developed by the time the crop is transplanted. In fact, that is one of the goals of transplanting, to make the plant more resistant once it is in the field.

Uniformity in the plants

With transplanting, there is precise spacing between the plants. Sufficient space allows them to grow uniformly without having to compete for resources. Seeding does not have exact spacing between the plants, which could deprive some plants of vital nutrients. Owing to this fact, you are sure to harvest quality potatoes or any other crop full of nutrients.

The other thing is some of these transplants thrive more as compared to when they are planted as seedlings on the farm. A perfect example is with onions. They perform poorly when seeded but do well if they are transplanted.

Input cost is reduced

Transplanted crops bring down input costs. Greenhouse irrigation minimizes the amount of water used in the early stages. Excessive pesticide use is also avoided since there is an integrated pest management system. Less time is spent on the ground by these transplanted crops, helping them grow into healthy plants.

The plants are already strong and resistant to many issues, such as harsh weather and diseases. The crops will grow successfully, with no excess inputs required.

Fast turnaround time

Transplanting ensures efficient ground utilization. The process also provides a high turnaround time for the crops. Make sure you use the right transplanters from Checchi & Magli to gain the ultimate results. Fast turnaround time means there will be less demand for land usage.

Farmers may also enjoy additional pre-season harvests of higher yield and volume per acre. Transplanting eradicates the need for substantial land bases; you can always work with what you have. It is ideal for the farmers that do not have a lot of fertile growing space.

Reduced weed

Transplanting reduces the possibility of weeds on your farm as the plants will take less time to mature fully. The other advantage is that with transplanted plants, you can use herbicides. Seeded crops are not suitable for herbicides as there are countable effective herbicides in the market currently. With transplanted crops, you will not have to worry about weeds growing on your farm.

Low Labor Costs

With transplanters from Checchi & Magli, you will not need general labor. The machine does most of the work. These machines can plant crops at a fast rate of two acres in one hour with less workforce. The plants’ upkeep costs are also drastically reduced as there is minimal weed management and crop thinning due to the less time the crops spend in the ground. These key things help save time and money, which can be used for some other tasks.

Transplanting plants is advantageous and can improve the quality of your yields big time. However, you have to make sure you use the right machines from Checchi & Magli to get better results. Order your machine today and transplant your vegetables with ease and fewer costs involved.