Responsible Gambling Explained by Joycasino

Sports betting, slots, blackjack, poker, and all other casino games should be played for fun and entertainment, not because you’re addicted to them. This is what JoyCasino is teaching players and other providers in the industry. 

Online gambling is entertaining. Playing all those various casino games can help you have a lot of fun. Games like online slot games, poker, roulette, or others are fascinating. Yet, this is only the case when you’re gambling online for entertainment purposes, not because financial reasons drive you.

More precisely, when you’re gambling online only for the purpose of gaining money from the wins, you may miss the point of these fun games. By only focusing on the financial gain, which may not even come at times, you can do a lot of harm to yourself, and your perception about what casino games are about.

JoyCasino, launched back in 2014, has accumulated a lot of experience in the iGaming industry. Thanks to its substantial online casino experience, JoyCasino can see behind the games it provides. More precisely, the provider also cares about the players’ overall experience with online gambling, including how they practice responsible gambling.

JoyCasino believes that all online casino providers have a responsibility towards their players to help them remain focused on playing casino games for fun, not for financial gain, which can lead to gambling addiction.

Keep reading below to learn more about responsible gambling and gambling addiction, as explained by JoyCasino. Later, we’ll also discuss how the provider ensures that it supports its players to gamble responsibly.

Gambling addiction-everything to know

The experts from JoyCasino believe that when gambling starts to negatively affect you and the ones around you, such as your relatives or friends, this could be a sign that you are somehow struggling with a gambling addiction.

The experts from the online casino provider even help their players with some real-life examples that can help them recognize if they are addicted to gambling. More precisely, if you experience any of the following real-life examples, you need to pay more attention to whether or not you’re dealing with addiction:

  • You prioritize gambling or playing casino games over your job or studies.
  • You gamble for hours straight and don’t even realize when time has passed.
  • Your loved ones have shown criticism over your behavior towards gambling.
  • You stress a lot over winning your funds back.
  • You bet amounts of money that you don’t actually afford to lose because the money is for other important payments.
  • You play casino games until you run out of money.
  • You borrow money from your relatives or friends and then use them to play casino games.
  • You feel more depressed since you have started gambling.

If you have more positive answers to these questions, then the chances are that you are facing a gambling addiction, and it is best to ask for specialized help.

How to be in control at all times

The experts from JoyCasino believe that gambling, all types of online casino games, be it that you play blackjack at online casinos, slots, or other games, is nothing more than mental entertainment. More precisely, this activity allows you to have some fun while playing games that keep you excited and engaged.

But it can be easy for this fun activity to turn into an activity that is toxic for your mental and physical wellbeing. When you develop a gambling addiction, the activity of playing online casino games is no longer for fun; it can actually affect many areas in your life.

However, you are in control over the games and how they impact you to ensure that you won’t develop an addiction to this activity.

To stay in control of the game:

  • Don’t see gambling as a side gig or mean of earning.
  • When you lose, don’t desperately try to win back your funds because you may only lose more as you make poor choices driven by despair.
  • Only bet with money that you don’t need for other more important payments such as living costs, debt, mortgage.
  • If you think that you spend too much time betting, you can ask the online casino games provider you are betting with to block your account for a while.
  • Ask for professional help if you suspect that the game starts to have control over you.

How is JoyCasino showing responsibility towards players?

It’s not enough for online casinos to be aware of the fact that some players are predisposed to developing some sort of addiction to their games. All providers should also take some preventive steps to help their users keep a healthy way of gambling.

JoyCasino is one of the online casinos that care about encouraging their players to practice responsible gambling. For this reason, the provider has some great strategies to support their players in having healthy and fun gambling experiences that don’t lead to an addiction.

Here are the steps which JoyCasino took to encourage their players to practice responsible gambling:

No player under 18

The online provider doesn’t allow any player under 18. Individuals under 18 are considered incapable of making informed decisions that won’t affect them in any way. For this reason, before allowing players to create an account, make a deposit and play on its website, JoyCasino carefully verifies the real age of the player to ensure that they are more than 18 years old.

Besides that, if a player younger than 18 years old manages to create an account and make a deposit due to some error when the account is discovered, it gets blocked forever on the site.

Self-exclusion feature

The online casino has a self-exclusion feature that allows the players who suspect that they might have developed a gambling addiction to call customer support and ask for their account to get blocked.


Besides online casino information about JoyCasino, you can also find a lot of advice from the online provider on how to practice responsible gambling. The online casino believes that players can better control their gambling attitudes and experiences by being informed.