Restoring and Reinstalling a Missing DLL File with DLL Installer

DLL is the short form of Dynamic Link Library. It is a type of file format that contains several codes and procedures for Windows programs. DLL is assisted to share resources and data by allowing the various applications to access the contents of a single file at the same time. At the time, when you try to open an application, you might receive an error message saying that the .dll file is not found or missing. You can try to reinstall the DLL file with a Dll Installer and start with the program again. You can also fix the problem by performing an in-place upgrade. In this article, we would suggest various ways of restoring and installing the missing DLL file.

Reasons for missing DLL files

The issue is not a new one, it is quite common. The reasons behind it are mentioned below:

  • DLL file is deleted accidentally – When you are trying to clean the space on the hard disk or are trying to install/uninstall a program, a DLL file might get deleted by mistake.
  • The DLL file is overwritten– After a recent installation of a program, an existing DLL file may get overwritten with an invalid DLL file.
  • Corrupted DLL file– Bad application installation has all the probabilities to corrupt one or file and cause .dll errors. Hardware malfunction and malware infection can also cause DLL file errors.

The DLL fixtures that you can use to restore the missing DLL file

  • Glarysoft Registry Repair– This is an intelligent program that helps to fix DLL errors. Additionally, it improves the performance of your system. It discovers and fixes the corrupted, hidden, or missing DLL files. The software allows you to restore the previous fixes and view the resulting logs. It does not interfere with the other programs of your system and it is compatible with Windows XP and above. It backs up the system before making any changes. It is a wonderful software that identifies and analyses various kinds of other problems as well. One negative aspect is that sometimes it fails to seep up the system because of the background operations.
  • DLL suite– DLL suite is an amazing software that can identify the corrupted, unidentified, and missing DLL files in your system. The program repairs those files automatically and resolves the issue. It makes use of the largest DLL databases for all versions of Windows. Hence, they hardly miss any known DLL for Windows computers. The programs perform a thorough scan on your computer during the start-up session so that they can recognize the deleted and corrupted files while shutdown. It also allows manual searching and repairing of DLL files. The program details the system issues and repairs them instantly.
  • DLL-files Fixer– The software eliminates all the registry errors and DLL errors from your PC conveniently. By removing the corrupted DLL files, it helps to clean your system. It helps to speed up the performance level of your system as well. One of the remarkable features of DLL-files Fixer is that it has a user-friendly interface. The software can be easily handled by amateurs and first-time users. It works seamlessly on all the Windows versions like XP, Windows 7&8, Vista, and many more. The program can scan and repair all the DLL errors instantly without bothering the other programs.
  • DLL Suite– It is a repairing tool that scans the corrupted and missing DLL files and fixes them effortlessly. With DLL Suite, you will be able to download any DLL files instantly and fix them at any point in time. The tool detects all kinds of system startup problems and the errors caused due to the corrupted DLL files. It fixes all of the problems and supports all Windows systems starting from Windows XP to Windows 8. The tool can repair various issues with just one click. It is intelligent to find a particular corrupted DLL file instantly and fixes them.

Missing DLL files are associated with the lost data from your hard drive. If you perform wrong operations to fix the missing DLL files, it will cause damage to the hard drive. Therefore, perform any of the steps mentioned above carefully.