Revealed: Kanye West’s new Aussie ‘wife’ Bianca Censori is the child of a notorious crime family whose uncle was nicknamed the ‘Al Capone of Melbourne’

Kanye West’s new ‘wife’ Bianca Censori, who has sparked fury by wearing nude outfits and engaging in lewd sexual behaviour with the rapper in Venice, comes from a notorious crime family in Australia, MailOnline can reveal in full for the first time.

The busty architect whose family are originally from Italy, was born and grew up in Australia where her uncle is a notorious gangster whose fearsome reputation earned him the nickname the ‘Al Capone of Melbourne’.

Bianca’s father is Elia ‘Leo’ Censori, 69, who did hard jail time following a conviction for possessing a prohibited heroin import and a loaded pistol.

Described as a ‘heavy criminal figure’ by a relative, Leo was reportedly marked for assassination in the 1990s and, aware that a threat often results in deadly reality, accepted a police guard.

And then there is Bianca’s uncle, Eris Censori, a notorious gangland murderer.

Their eldest brother Edmondo – known as ‘Eddie Capone’ – has a string of convictions including assaulting police, theft and making threats.

Kanye West and Bianca Censori had an ‘unofficial’ wedding. 

Leo Censori was a gambling kingpin who did hard time over a heroin bust

Leo Censori was a gambling kingpin who did hard time over a heroin bust 

Leo Censori as he appeared in the Herald Sun in 1991

Leo Censori as he appeared in the Herald Sun in 1991 

Leo Censori's ex-wife blew the whistle on his life of crime in 1991 in Melbourne's Herald Sun

Leo Censori’s ex-wife blew the whistle on his life of crime in 1991 in Melbourne’s Herald Sun

Bianca Censori is the daughter of a former Melbourne criminal

Bianca Censori is the daughter of a former Melbourne criminal 

Described as ‘a small but thick set man’ he was involved in the slot machine business in Perth and Melbourne.

Officially he laid claim to being a bouncer, labourer, machine operator, fitter, billiard marker and cafe proprietor.

Edmondo, Leo, and Eris along with three other siblings were child immigrants when they arrived in Australia with their parents Filippo and Grazia in the 1960s.

The family had packed up their belongings at the home in the Abruzzo region of central Italy to start a new life Down Under.

As a teenager Eddie was known to hang around suburban coffee bars in Melbourne before the family went into the games machine business before going on to be linked to violence and drugs.

While the party-loving Bianca was enjoying the friendship of former schoolmates in Melbourne, her father and uncles were pulling in large amounts of money from their criminal activities.

Leo’s former wife Faye Glascott said in an interview from 1991 that Leo had been involved in a cartel which controlled a large portion of the underworld gambling industry in the 1980s – and from which he had made a fortune.

Bianca has not spoken publicly about her family’s history.

Speaking at the time, Ms Glascott, however, revealed how she had found tens of thousands of dollars hidden around their family home in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Alphington.

It is in Alphington that Leo’s current wife Alexandra – Bianca’s mother – still lives along with Bianca’s sisters Angelina and Alyssias.

Alexandra declined to comment when asked about her husband’s criminal history.

West, 46, has already been introduced to the family after spending time with his in-laws in July when he jetted off to Tokyo with his wife to be with them.

Ms Glascott told Mr Silvester how police had found heroin in the kitchen of her home.

She told how she would get into arguments with Bianca’s father saying: ‘He was going into the kitchen to measure things using my utensils.

‘I didn’t like that stuff in my home. It was a nightmare.’

She told how her husband pretended to have little money but walked around with bundles of banknotes from his illegal business operation.

She said: ‘I have seen the money. Leo can stack money better than a bank.’

She said she had found thousands of dollars of cash hidden around her home and once saw more than £30,000 sitting on their coffee table.

The Herald Sun exposed Leo Censori in 1991 back when The Age's John Silvester worked there

The Herald Sun exposed Leo Censori in 1991 back when The Age’s John Silvester worked there

Bianca Censori was raised in one of Melbourne's more affluent suburbs

Bianca Censori was raised in one of Melbourne’s more affluent suburbs

The family home of Leo Censori

The family home of Leo Censori 

Kanye West's new wife Bianca Censori, 28, (second, left) comes from a family just like his ex-Kim Kardashian. Pictured left is Bianca's mother Alexandra, second right is Bianca's sister Alyssia and far right is Bianca's other sister Angelina

Kanye West’s new wife Bianca Censori, 28, (second, left) comes from a family just like his ex-Kim Kardashian. Pictured left is Bianca’s mother Alexandra, second right is Bianca’s sister Alyssia and far right is Bianca’s other sister Angelina

It was Leo’s cash dealings which allegedly led to him being targeted by a rival gang which led to him accepting a police guard.

Police were told the gang planned to kill him at the garage at his home and steal his gambling machine takings.

The gang reportedly expected him to be carrying nearly £30,000.

Ms Glascott told how her husband left the property for three weeks and went on to install a sophisticated electronic security system at the property.

Ms Glascott described her former husband as a ‘heavy criminal figure’.

After an acrimonious split she said: ‘The police should organise a big raid and confiscate every single machine, every single one.

‘If they took all the machines there would be nothing for Leo to operate. You would wipe him out.’

Leo served two years of his five-year sentence after heroin was found in his kitchen during a raid by Australian Federal Police.

Ms Glascott said her ex-husband had made a career out of studying gamblers and working out what they wanted.

She said: ‘He knows what gets them in. Some players lose large amounts of money and then try to win it back. They never do.

She said of his illegal gaming empire: ‘Those machines make wheelbarrows full of money.

‘Some people love him but they have to love him, his machines put money in their pockets … They are all creeps.

‘They say that they like him because he makes them money. When he went to prison, none of them wanted to know about it.’

Ms Glascott suggested Leo ‘would never change’ his wicked ways’.

She said: ‘I tried to coax Leo into going into a legitimate business; to use his money, to turn it into white money, to go into something where he didn’t have to worry about it.

‘But there is the criminal in Leo. He gets a buzz out of the police trying to catch him and he beats them by changing the programs on the machines. He gets a buzz out of that.

‘He loves the lifestyle; that’s why he’ll never change.’

Ms Glascott and Leo divorced in 1989 after 15 years of marriage.

It was during the 1980s that Leo’s brother Eris, enjoying his reputation as the Al Capone of Melbourne’s criminal network, found himself facing a death sentence for the murder of a waiter in Western Australia.

With capital punishment later abandoned in Western Australia, Eris’s sentence was commuted to life and he was transferred back to Melbourne in 1987 so he could be closer to his family. He was eventually released on parole.

There is no suggestion that Bianca enjoyed any spin-off benefits of her father’s drug empire.

But she grew up in the well-heeled suburb of Ivanhoe before the family moved to their latest home worth an estimated £1.5million.

And her family ensured she had a good education studying for the Victorian Certificate of Education at the prestigious Carey Baptist Grammar School.

Friends told how she grew up close to her family, who were reputed to have been very private.

One former classmate described Bianca as a social butterfly, a girl who was friends with everyone.’

Concerns have been raised about the nature of Bianca’s ‘unhealthy relationship’ with West, with experts suggesting the bizarrely provocative outfits she has taken to wear could suggest she is being manipulated.

Bianca, who is 18 years West’s junior, started working for the rapper’s fashion brand, Yeezy, as an architectural designer in November 2020.

She dropped out of University of Melbourne soon after the rapper started messaging her on Instagram – and said, ‘Come and work for me’, claims a friend.

The rest is history and the couple secretly wed in January 2023 during a private ceremony in Beverley Hills, just two months after his divorce from Kim.

Although they exchanged wedding rings and vows, they never filed a marriage certificate to make their marriage legal.

Since then, the pair have caused a stir in Italy with Bianca stepping out in flesh-coloured next-to-nothing outfits to turn the heads of every red-blooded Italian male and bring Florence’s traffic to a squealing halt.

Leo Censori's former wife 'ratted' him out on the front page of the Herald Sun in 1991

Leo Censori’s former wife ‘ratted’ him out on the front page of the Herald Sun in 1991 

Bianca Censori is the daughter of Melbourne gangster royalty

Bianca Censori is the daughter of Melbourne gangster royalty 

As well as capturing headlines around the world for her revealing outfits, the pair sparked fury when they were seen in the back of a river taxi in Venice engaging in a sex act which is being investigated by the police.

Bianca’s former friends told of their shock at learning of her marriage to Kanye and expressed their amazement at her rapid rise to fame.

But the friend said: ‘I think it would surprise people to know how smart she is.’

Former classmates recall how Bianca was always the party girl, enjoying nightclubbing or heading to big social events such as the Spring Racing Carnival.

‘At one point she was running her own jewellery business,’ said a friend, who added: ‘I’m surprised she’s married Kanye, though.’

Bianca graduated with a Victorian Certificate of Education that placed her near the top of her school – after which she obtained a Bachelor of Architecture from Melbourne University in 2017.

It was in that same year that she attended a music festival virtually topless, prompting a friend to say that ‘I loved that she so boldly wore nipple pasties!’

Things went quiet with Bianca for a while – and then up came the news that she had married 45-year-old Kanye, having joined his company Yeezy since 2020.

They reportedly wed after his divorce from Kim Kardashian was finalised in November.

The couple have reportedly celebrated their marriage at a private ceremony and they have also been seen wearing wedding rings.

Friends in Melbourne have speculated a lot more of Bianca will be seen in future – a prediction that carries some weight following her romantic coupling with West on the back seat of the floating taxi which led to the couple being banned from the water.

Her relatives continue to face the courts – her father, who has changed his name to Tony Campana, is involved in a legal fight with his sister Elenia over the ownership of two blocks of land in Melbourne. She is claiming that the properties are hers.