Richard Bacon, 43, admits he’s ‘still addicted to alcohol’

Richard Bacon, 43, fears he’s ‘still addicted to alcohol’ as he opens up about ongoing battle and ‘dangerous’ periods of his life when he would go missing and leave his wife ‘frightened’

  • TV presenter, 43, says he went missing during ‘dangerous’ periods of drinking 
  • The host opened up about how ‘frightening’ it was for his wife, Rebecca  
  • Admitted his wife would like him to go to Alcoholics Anonymous ‘all the time’
  • Said there was a link between his alcohol use and his past use of cocaine 

Richard Bacon has said he believes he may still be addicted to drinking, and that alcohol has caused ‘chaos and difficulty and uncertainty’ in his life.

The TV star, who occasionally presents Good Morning Britain, said he has been through ‘dangerous’ periods of drinking where he has gone missing for a night.

The 43-year-old told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Hooked podcast that while he does feel he has moved away from that type of behaviour, he continues to drink.

He said: ‘I am almost at my most vulnerable when things are great. I don’t use (drink) to numb pain. If I am excited or happy about something I am more likely to go too far.’

Richard Bacon with his wife Rebecca in July 2018, after he fell ill on a transatlantic flight 

Bacon, who has children Arthur and Ivy with his wife Rebecca, also addressed how his drinking affected his marriage.

He said that ‘if I’m going to get hammered and do things I shouldn’t do and go missing’ then it is ‘frightening’ for his wife.

He added: ‘She would like me to do AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) all the time, and I just don’t. 

‘But I have said I will spend more time with our therapist examining my relationship to drink.

‘We’re in a good place at the moment but once you have accepted you’re an addict to some degree the danger is always there, isn’t it?’

Bacon was sacked from children’s TV programme Blue Peter in 1998 after he admitted taking cocaine. 

He said there was a link between his alcohol and cocaine use.

Bacon (pictured in October 2018), also addressed how his drinking affected his marriage

Bacon (pictured in October 2018), also addressed how his drinking affected his marriage

He said: ‘When I’ve been through periods of my life where I have been using cocaine, it’s only (after) two or three drinks where I quite fancy that as well.’

It comes after Bacon fell ill during a flight from Los Angeles to London in 2018 and was put in an induced coma as doctors fought to save his life. 

The latest episode of Hooked, featuring Richard Bacon, is available on BBC Sounds.