Rise of the Lazy Girl jobs: Demand for posts that offer working from home and are low effort are in huge demand among Gen Zers – these are the 25 most sought-after roles

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The internet is moving past ‘quiet quitting’ – when someone does only the bare minimum at work, putting in only the effort required to get the job done.

Gallup’s latest worker poll found nearly six in 10 adults in America are quiet quitting after the pandemic caused people to prioritize their ‘me time’.

But a new trend that piggybacks on this premise has emerged – the ‘lazy girl’ job. The term went viral thanks to a TikTok video with millions of views.

These are the 25 most sought-after lazy girl jobs

TikTok videos about the phenomenon have gone viral

The premise piggybacks on the idea of 'soft quitting'

TikTok videos about the phenomenon have gone viral. The premise piggybacks on the idea of ‘soft quitting’

The premise of a lazy girl job is simple: Low stress, low effort, with lots of flexibility and freedom.

These jobs are remote, require no overtime, are physically safe, and there’s minimum to no supervision.

TikTokker @gabrielle_judge defined them as jobs with laid-back bosses and comfortable salaries that pay the bills but don’t require a chaotic work schedule. It’s the antithesis of the ‘girl boss’ movement or ‘leaning in’ — constant hustling and long hours to climb to the top.

What kind of jobs are we talking about, exactly?


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Searches for ‘lazy girl jobs’ are up 1,267% over the past month, according to Workamajig. 

Gen Zers, especially, are interested. It’s even popular enough that it’s got a Wikipedia page.

Workamajig crunched the numbers (TikTok search volume) to find the 25 most popular lazy girl roles. Together, #lazygirljob and #lazygirljobs have a combined 25 million-plus views.

Using KeywordTool, we analyzed various roles aligned with the ‘lazy girl jobs’ trend, according to TikTok and Reddit users, to find the most searched on TikTok. Data was pulled by searching different jobs—like ‘Community Moderator job’ —and ranked based on the number of TikTok searches they’ve had on the app in the U.S. as of August 10 to determine TikTok’s most popular ‘lazy girl jobs.’ Search data is correct as of August 10, 2023, and analyzed over the preceding year. 

Maybe it’s the branding

Many complaints about the term come from those who say it paints a bad picture. Social media strategist Michael Durwin told the Wall Street Journal the movement makes sense, but the name is all wrong. ‘I think younger women are using it almost in a way that they don’t understand the damage it can do,’ he says.

But would the term have gone so viral with a more acceptable term like ‘work-life balance?’ Probably not.

Viral trick to get past AI resume-screening bots 

How can you get a lazy girl job? It’s time to start applying, but you need the right resume. 

The algorithms that scan resumes are picky — but social to the rescue once again. Here’s a viral hack jobseekers say really works.

It’s called ‘white fonting.’ Copy the relevant keywords from a job you’re applying to, paste them into your resume, and then change the font color to white.

The color change makes the keywords invisible to a real person reading, but AI bots will pick them up and potentially bump you to the top of the list.

It’s not always a guaranteed win, so be mindful of the process where you’re applying. 

Some programs and job sites automatically scan your resume and input sections into an application. If that’s the case, your white font may also slip through to human eyes.

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