RISHI SUNAK: This election is about who you TRUST to deliver for our United Kingdom

When I became Prime Minister, my most immediate task was to restore our economic stability. Inflation was in double digits and our country had been rocked by Covid and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, which sent energy prices soaring.

This week, inflation is back to normal, energy bills are falling, and our economy is growing faster than anyone predicted – outpacing Germany, France and the US in the first few months of this year. And through the uncertainty, we have supported every corner of our great nation.

In Scotland, we have invested more than £3billion into levelling up across the country, boosting the economy and increasing the number of skilled jobs available for local people.

We are developing two new Green Freeports on the Cromarty Firth and the Firth of Forth, bringing in nearly £11billion of private and public investment and creating over 75,000 new, high-skilled jobs.

The Prime Minister said the Tories had delivered for Scotland while the SNP has failed

While we have delivered for Scotland, the SNP has failed. Too busy caught up implementing woke laws that have left the police drowning in thousands of reported incidents, the Scottish Government has let standards slip in public services across the board.

But now the UK’s economy has stabilised, it’s right to give you this choice: who will best lead this country to a secure future? Do we build on the progress we have made or do we risk going back to square one with Labour?

The world is increasingly uncertain. Authoritarian states are threatening our national security and economic future. If Putin succeeds in Ukraine, he will not stop there – and his war has made the risks to our energy security all too clear. In the Middle East, Iran and Islamist extremists threaten regional and global stability.

Tensions that are exploited by extremists here at home, who seek to undermine our values and divide our society.

China is looking to dominate the 21st century by imposing itself into the dominant position in the industries of the future. And on our own shores, migration is being exploited by our enemies to threaten the integrity of our borders.

In a more uncertain world with increased threats, we need a clear plan and bold action to deliver the secure future that our country deserves. The Conservatives have that. Labour do not.

The only thing Labour offers is more uncertainty. And the only certainty with them is that their unfunded spending will end up running out of your money, leaving them with no option but to raise your taxes – just like the SNP who have driven Scotland’s finances into the ground. The black hole in Labour’s spending plans will mean every working household will have to pay £2,000 extra in taxes.

On every issue, the choice between us and Labour is crystal clear. We offer bold action, they do not. Take immigration: we are determined to reduce immigration and stop the boats with our Rwanda scheme. The plans are in motion, the first flights are booked and they will go, but only if you vote Conservative on July 4, because Labour will stop the flights.

The only policy they have consistently stuck to is that they will cancel the Rwanda flights on day one. Labour would scrap the whole Rwanda partnership and introduce an amnesty for illegal migrants in its place. That is not a plan to ensure our border security or introduce more fairness into our immigration system.

While other countries across the world are paying attention to our plans and following our lead, Labour would make our country less secure – and our future more uncertain – in every way.

This should come as no surprise when you simply don’t know what you are going to get with Sir Keir Starmer.

When he has junked every pledge he made during his campaign for Labour leader, how do you know he wouldn’t do the same again if he became Prime Minister? If he hasn’t the courage to stand up and say what he believes in, how can he stand up for Britain – and the Union? We are the only party that believes this United Kingdom is better off when it’s exactly that, united.

There is a clear choice at this election. Do you want to continue cutting taxes under the Conservatives, or raise them on working households under Labour? Should we prioritise energy security while balancing the impact on your family’s finances, or put environmental dogma first as Sir Keir Starmer and Ed Miliband would?

Ultimately, this election is about who you trust, in these uncertain times, to deliver a secure future for you and your family. We Conservatives have a clear plan and are prepared to take the bold action necessary to deliver that secure future for our Union, and our United Kingdom.

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