Riyadh: Is there anything exciting for tourists?

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia, and if you think the place has nothing for you, then you are missing the point. There are plenty of places like Mazak Fortress, King Abdullah Park, and Riyadh Zoo and so on. Whether cultural or natural, you can get a considerable amount of spots to explore in Riyadh.

Mumbai is the fastest city of India. It is the financial capital of the country and you can find a lot of glamour in this city.  In terms of tourism too, you can find plenty of tourist attractions in this city. But have you ever thought about going out of this city and explore the other destinations? Have you ever gone to Riyadh? You can conveniently get Mumbai to Riyadh flight. Riyadh is not at all a boring place and you can find so many hidden destinations at this place. You should check out Mumbai Riyadh cheap flight tickets and visit this destination in Saudi Arabia.  For now, have a look at a few of the attractions of this place.

The Diplomatic Quarter Parks

Situated on the edge of Wadi Hanifa, the Diplomatic Quarter Park (DQ) was first constructed in the 1970’2 as accommodation for diplomats and as well as the embassy area. The accommodation in this area is now open to anybody to live. The park itself formed of over 30 parks or gardens having lush greenery and a plenty amount of open spaces where you can walk. There is even a 20km track around the DQ and the finest part yet is that it is an abaya free zone – expat residents are often witnessed walking in ‘normal’ clothes in the park.  This park is beautifully maintained and caters grass fields, fountains, picnic areas, courtyards, pavilions, benches, and shaded walkways, flowers that are in bloom throughout the year, private seating areas and interesting rock formations to adore. So, don’t you think spending on Mumbai to Riyadh flight ticket price would be nothing in front of the pleasure the spot caters?

The King’s Forest

Even known as Rawdat Khuraim, the King’s Forest is the ideal escape to head to for a picnic or only to break away from the city life’s rat race. This park is not just a tranquil retreat for people, but it is also a sanctuary for different types of rare species such as gazelles. It simply means that there is a restricted area that the public cannot go to. Anyhow you know there are an estimated one hundred and thirty species of wild plants and forty two species of animals present in Rawdat Khuraim. This is another wonderful destination if you love the outdoors, want a spot to go hiking, go for a picnic or simply spend time outdoors. Go ahead and check out Mumbai to Riyadh flight fares and head to Riyadh for a distinct experience. When you can get cheap flights from Mumbai to Riyadh, you should not miss out a visit to this rich place.

So, go ahead and find out the flight fares from Mumbai to Riyadh.  And plan a trip to this place.