Roofing guide for Dollhouse

The roofs of the dollhouse can be created in various ways. They should be sturdy and attractive so that the kids can enjoy their heart’s contentment.

The little dollhouse Christmas dollhouse can have veneer shingles or cedar shakes for the roofs. It would give an aesthetic look and strong make. In this article, we have mentioned the several options that are available for the dollhouse roofs.

Copper Roofs

One of the practical choices for finishing roofs is copper. It is a durable material that helps to keep the little dollhouse Christmas dollhouse strong. Finding the right material for copper roofing can be difficult at times.

You can make the roof using copper-colored cardstock. Poster boards are also widely used to complete the roof. Poster boards and cardstocks are not available easily, especially in the appropriate size of the roof.

Rolls of real copper can be used for miniature dollhouses, however, it would be expensive. You can make use of the copper tapes that are found in the hardware stores. We have mentioned below how you can easily make various kinds of copper roofs.

Main roof – The best way to create a copper roof is by using metallic paint and copper. Metallic paints are available in spray cans and are user-friendly. Make sure you buy good quality craft paint and you are good to go.

First of all, fix the joint strips along the roof and you can use a wood strip from the craft store for this. You can choose the perfect width of the wood strip for your project style. Make sure that the strips are equally spaces.

When the joint strips are dry, start painting your roof using copper paint. You can apply multiple coats for a smooth finish.

Dormer roof – Copper roofing is commonly found on dormer roofs. You can use paint and give a copper look cover to the dollhouse. Dormer roofs are much smaller in size and hence the paintwork is sufficient for it.

You can easily find the copper cover in the hardware store and they would also allow you to check the paint swatches before applying. As the dormer roofs are curved, make a paper template of the roof and then spray paint on it.

Tower roof – Copper finishes can be applied to tower roofs as well. Trace the wooden tower roof panel on the poster board and cut them carefully. For metallic copper paints, you can use black poster boards.

Use the poster board panels to assemble the tower roof, as they would allow the perfect mansard curve and best joints. Now, you need to paint the tower panels with good quality copper metallic paint. Apply three to four coats for a perfect finish.

You can now decorate the copper tower roof with jewelry finials.

Sandpaper roofs

Covering flat roofs, a bay, and a porch with sandpaper is famous as one of the preferred finishing choices for the people. They are mostly used for slot and tab dollhouses. Sandpapers are available in various sizes and colors.

Therefore, you can play with your imagination and bring out the best roofs for your dollhouses. Make sure that you shop for the right size of sandpaper, as some of the stores do not keep large sheets. So, do your research and check out many shops for the right one.

In this section, we would mention several roofing options with sandpaper.

Flat roofs – It is important to put a primer on your roof first. Put a dark-colored paint that is similar to your sandpaper color. If you want to use brown sandpaper, then prime the roof with dark brown paint and if you prefer to use gray, then choose dark gray paint as the primer.

It is wise to choose a dark-colored pain for priming as some of the sandpapers have dark lettering on the backside and they might show through. When it dries out, create a paper template of the roof and use it as a guide to cut the sandpaper.

Now add the sandpaper to the roof space with the glue spread.

Bay roofs – The procedure to cover the bay roofs with sandpaper is quite similar to flat roofs. However, they differently adhere. First, you need to prime the bay roof with the same color as the sandpaper.

Then make a paper template of the bay roof and cut out the sandpaper according to the template. Try to dry-fit the sandpaper on the bay roof and continue with the cutting procedure if required.

When you achieve the perfect fit, glue the cut sandpaper on the bay roof with the help of melt glue. Hot glue will save the sandpaper from getting shifted from its position.

Textured roofs

You can easily apply a texture to any kind of roof, as it will look beautiful and attractive. To get the textured finish, you can use a spackling compound that is lightweight and mixed with acrylic paint.

Mix the compound in a disposable container with your chosen color paint. The intensity of the paint hue and the finished product would depend on the ratio of paint and spackle compound. If the mixture is thick, it will create a rough texture.

Make sure that the area where you plan to apply the texture is smooth and dry. Apply the texture evenly using a brush and you can get the desired effect. You can create any type of texture starting from swirls to pebbly.

For future touch-ups, store the mixture in an airtight container so that it does not dry out.

For the little dollhouse Christmas dollhouse of your home, you can choose any of the roof options mentioned above. This is, however, not the exhaustive list. You can find more options on the internet.