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Rose McGowan says everybody knew about Harvey Weinstein

Rose McGowan is speaking for the first time about her alleged rape by Harvey Weinstein at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival, and claiming many in the industry about his predatory ways.

‘Everybody knew,’ McGowan said while appearing on Good Morning America to promote her new memoir Brave.

She also revealed that on that same day she will actually being followed around the festival.

‘There was a camera following me for MTV, a day in the life of Rose McGowan,’ she told GMA host Robin Roberts.

‘So that did turn out to be a day in the life Rose McGowan.’


‘The machinery was set up in every country he would go to for the handlers to hand him the victims,’ said McGowan.

‘Starting with the agents and managers.’

She also tried to explain why she and so many other women would ever agree to audition in a hotel room, something many have criticized the women for by arguing they should have known better. 

‘One of the things people don’t understand about the hotel room specifically is people think it’s like you open the door and there is a bed. These are people with the entire presidential suite,’ said McGowan. 

‘That means it’s the entire top floor of a hotel. Usually three offices, and so it was not unusual, I’ve auditioned in many hotel rooms, the director comes and sits and that’s how it goes.’






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