Rottweiler attack, Moruya: Mia Riley’s parents speak after baby dies and reveal memorial plans

Parents of five-week-old baby girl who was mauled to death by Rottweilers break their silence – and request a simple symbolic tribute from loved ones

  • Lani Riley announces plans for Mia’s memorial
  • Mourners are urged to bring hibiscus flower
  • Rottweilers that mauled Mia have been put down 

The parents of a newborn baby mauled to death by two Rottweilers have broken their silence to reveal plans for her memorial service.

Mia Riley, just five weeks old, was in a baby bouncer when she was attacked by the dogs while visiting family members in Moruya on the NSW south coast on February 18.

The little girl suffered severe head and facial injuries before she was rushed to hospital where she died.

Her mother, Lani Riley, posted plans for her memorial service on social media.

‘Mia’s family have been overwhelmed by the large showing of support and compassion from their community and want all those with kind hearts to attend if they so choose,’ she said. 

Mia Riley, five weeks old, was killed in an horrific incident at Moruya involving two Rottweilers

Mia's shattered parents Lani and Tom Riley have broken their silence about the tragedy

Mia’s shattered parents Lani and Tom Riley have broken their silence about the tragedy

Mourners were asked to bring a hibiscus flower to the service as a way of honouring Mia.

‘Hibiscus only last a day once picked, so best picked in the morning,’ she wrote.

‘They are currently in flower everywhere, all around town, possibly even in your neighbour’s front yard.’

There’s no suggestion of any wrongdoing by any members of the family and no charges have been laid.

It was revealed last week the two dogs involved were put down by Eurobodalla Council after the incident.

‘Eurobodalla Council can confirm two dogs were seized by rangers. The dogs were euthanised on Friday following advice from NSW Police,’ a spokesman said.

The council said it had not received any reports the dogs were dangerous, but had been called out in relation to noise complaints.

‘Council has no reports regarding dangerous or menacing dogs associated with the address,’ the spokesman said.

‘The barking complaints were followed up with the dogs’ owners as per standard practice.’

The Rottweilers dogs (pictured) involved were put down last Friday

The Rottweilers dogs (pictured) involved were put down last Friday

Neighbours said they had complained about their fears of the dogs.

‘We warned them .. we said (to council) they will attack someone one day; they are so loud and intimidating,’ one resident told The Daily Telegraph.

‘I know the council went there, maybe six to 12 months ago and spoke to the people (who owned the dogs),’ another said.

‘But nothing really changed. I’m not aware of them ever attacking, but they are just scary to look at and very large; you just worry what they could do if they got out.’