Route Optimization and the Future

Improving traveling an essential aspect of today’s world. With congested city roads and long waiting queues at the traffic signal, finding an alternative has become the most vital factor for drivers.

Google Maps and other navigation applications provide a view of the city and the best route between two locations. However, for professional drivers belonging to courier and delivery services, the time-of-arrival matters the most to keep their customers happy.

Have you considered route optimization

If you are listening to the term for the first time, let us look at what route optimization is. Route optimization is a process that helps map the efficient route between two locations. A map provides you the directions to the destination. However, with optimization added, you would have reached the spot efficiently with reduced turns and stops.

How Does Route Optimization Functions? 

The software overlooks the fundamental part of the optimization process. It collects massive data, analyses the same, uses artificial intelligence, and numerous algorithms to provide a direct and efficient route.

Unlike a navigational map, the optimization software counts several factors: weather, altitude, elevation, construction, etc. It also considers live traffic to chart the route. The software additionally provides the tools necessary for the handler to make changes and send them to the drivers.

Why Is Route Optimization Vital?

The demand for efficient delivery is increasing, and the delivery business’s growth is causing the need for an optimized plan to deliver goods efficiently. The plan helps a company manage its fleet effectively and increase the number of deliveries for a single day.

What are the Benefits? 

The benefits offered by the route optimization app or software are plenty. For instance, if you have a fleet of ten delivering trucks, you would be chalking out the plan based on the addresses you have and sorting the regions. You will then assign the sheet to respective drivers, and they have to drop-off the goods in an order.

What you do not count is the traffic, the changing weather conditions, and other unwarranted scenarios. The driver makes the best decision according to the situation and changes the delivery. It will cause a delay in ETA that could run over to a day or more from hours.

Suppose you have the route optimization software or app. You can click a picture of the drop-offs or the shipping label, as the app recognizes the details automatically and save them. You can then enter the starting and final destinations. Depending on the number of drop-offs, the program will map the cost-efficient route covering every delivery. It will count the traffic congestion and make changes to ensure a hassle-free drive.

The process makes it simple for the driver to avoid traffic jams, cut waiting time in queues, and deliver goods faster. Every hour saved helps in giving it back to society, which reduces traffic on the roads.

Straightaway Route Optimization

Straightaway route optimization is an excellent route optimizer. With the assistance provided by the app, you can stop wasting valuable driving time. Rather than entering the addresses manually, you can use the application’s unique features to upload the manifest of multiple stops with ease. The app allows you to add up to 500 visits, which you can upload using your smartphone’s camera.

The optimizing software uses advanced imaging technology, the latest algorithms, data analysis, and artificial intelligence to map the route. The real-time data it collects about the traffic and congestion makes it simple to determine the fastest course and make changes accordingly.

The other unique feature of the application is the built-in navigation. You can forget about leaving the screen or switching to a different app. The advanced traffic-aware algorithm helps find the fastest route and helps you reach the location with turn-by-turn navigation. The efficient route charted enables you to avoid traffic and reduce ETA.

Additional Features

Apart from the software and its response, the features included in the program also matter. Straightaway ensured that it added all the needed factors deemed essential for users. For instance, the app has a birds-eye view facility. With the help of the option, you can overlook the stops when heading to a dense area. The eye view helps you view your current position and all other upcoming visits in the area.

The app’s user interface is straightforward. It is the core of the experience it delivers, as you can access everything with ease and track every movement. The company did an excellent thing by stripping the complexity and providing a simple act of taking a picture and starting the day.

The other crucial factor is the addition of the 500 stops feature. While a few others provide limited visits, Straightaway has 500 stops with unlimited route support, giving excellent assistance to the company. As the app optimizes the route, it is possible to plan and increase the deliveries, which improves customer satisfaction.


The pricing for using the app depends on your industry and the number of vehicles. For instance, if you are using it for personal use, you can choose the $10/month plan that offers a seven-day trial, unlimited routes, 500 stops, TrafficAware routing, and unlimited updates.

If you would like to test the app, you can choose the starter pack, which is free. However, you will have limitations such as only 25 stops, no unlimited routes, no updates, and no traffic aware.

If you find the app to be a perfect assist in improving your planning, you can select the Team package, where you can earn team discount, vehicle tracking, unlimited routes, 500 stops, and enterprise support.


Planning and optimization have an excellent mechanism that helps reduce courier expenses and improve customer satisfaction. With the Straightaway route optimization app, you have the chance to chalk out a plan for all your drivers and make changes according to the real-time updates provided by the app. You can let go keeping track of the stops or worry about the left or right turns and roadblocks. You can let go of the guesswork with route optimization and operate with the assistance of real-time data to grow your business.