Royal Ascot horror: Horse taking guests to races in carriage dies after smashing through shop window

A horse pulling a carriage had to be put down after it was spooked and smashed through a shop window outside Royal Ascot.

The horse was one of a pair pulling a traditional coaching carriage filled with guests when it slipped on the road surface at a roundabout on the High Street.

Eyewitnesses said the horses careered into a shop window throwing the driver and several people off the high sided carriage.

A horse had to be put down after becoming jammed in a shop window

Gary Copeland tweeted: ‘Just witnessed an awful accident in Ascot, one of the large horse carriages bolted down the high street right in front of me and careered over a roundabout and through a shop window!

‘People thrown off and horses jammed in the glass window! Not nice to see.

‘I saw several people thrown off, and two of the horses were jammed in the window, it looked like one was down in its side. It didn’t look good at all.

‘The driver (?) was going so fast, at the roundabout one horse just slipped over and that was it then, carnage. Awful.

‘I was two cars behind it, I saw the police car move out of the way as it was in front and I think the driver must have seen the horses bolting towards it.

‘If something spooked them it wasn’t the police car.’

Taxi driver Stefan Gulgheru, 35, added: ‘The horses were going very very fast and when they got to the roundabout they was out of control and one slipped.

‘The carriage overturned. It was terrible. They are going to have to put one of the horses down.’