Russian-made hoverbikes will cost £40,000 next year

This the astonishing moment a flying motorcycle is caught on film.

In captivating scenes, the bike funded by Russian bank Vnesheconombank, takes to the skies.

The  bank has announced it will invest ‘several million’ USD in the creation of the futuristic vehicles.

It will put money into the hover bike prototypes, which are in development and are currently in testing.

Head of the company Hover Serf Alexander Atamanov recorded a video flying above the ground on his state of the art vehicle, the HoverBike S3.

The vehicle was shown to the public at the Moscow Raceway that hosted the international competition in road and ring motorcycle races.

The Russian super-bike HS3 was showcased at the Moscow Raceway this year (pictured)

Mr Atamanov noted that his company has received a lot of pre-orders from Asia and the Middle East.

The price for one hover bike is estimated to be between 50,000 and 80,000 USD (38,583 and 61,733 GBP).

The hover bikes are estimated to be on sale as of next year.

VEB’s Chairman Sergey Gorkov said: ‘Actually, it is surely not a motorcycle. It is rather a prototype of a platform, which has a multifaceted future.

The flying motorcycle is funded by Russian bank Vnesheconombank

The flying motorcycle is funded by Russian bank Vnesheconombank

‘We believe it has prospects. We are planning to invest in this multifunctional platform. We think we will need several millions of dollars.’

He added that the hover bikes would be a welcome vehicle in the country for transporting goods and vehicles.

Mr Atamanov also noted that the motorbikes are already safe to use, despite being in the testing phase.

He said: ‘We are so confident in our developments that I am ready to convince everyone that it is already safe and it can be used for extreme sports, for races, for competitions.’

The exact figure that the Russian bank is willing to invest is not known.

It will cost more than £40,000 when it goes on sale next year

It will cost more than £40,000 when it goes on sale next year. The speeders from the Return on Jedi pictured against the incredible motorbike