Safety tips for all users of dating sites

Because of the pandemic, our lives changed once and for all. It includes finding love, for sure – since many things you used to do became absolutely impossible. But you don’t need to get upset – new challenges offer plenty of new opportunities.

And, you need to agree, this is pretty practical to search for a potential girlfriend from the comfort of your own house instead of the loud pub. Just accept the fact – a great love could be developed from an acquaintance made on the Web!

But, unfortunately, the online dating world is not perfect. Like a real one – it has its own risks. If you read reports of well-known media portals, they often inform singles about fraudsters.

Sometimes their behavior reveals certain warning signs, sometimes not. Undoubtedly, the most experienced scammers operate very skillfully. But here, you can find tips to keep in mind to ensure your online security.

The matters of finances are taboo – Your financial situation is nobody’s business. So do not bring up this topic of conversation. No matter who you are chatting with: Ukraine brides on UaDates, local girls on Tinder, or Asians on AsianDating – don’t say a word.

If your conversationalist comes up with this subject and tries to get information out of you, you should become very suspicious. And, perhaps, even report her to the site administration.

Always ask the lady’s full name – If your online girlfriend is only using a nickname on the platform you’ve met, be sure to get the full name of your new crush before anything else. If she doesn’t want it, this is another indication that something is not clear there.

Become a detective – If you have the full name of a woman you are chatting with – Google it! Your goal is to see what information you can find about her. Check here very carefully that the facts you find – match what she told you during the conversation or on the phone.

Buy a prepaid cell phone card – If you can’t wait to finally hear the voice of your online crush live, you should get a prepaid card and use it consistently when calling her. This is the safest way to communicate with your woman undetected.

As an alternative – you can contact her yourself and deactivate the caller ID on your own smartphone beforehand.

Choose a secure location for the first meeting – Parks, fields, and forests invite you to take long romantic walks, especially in spring. It is therefore tempting to meet your girl on the Internet there.

However, these places are inappropriate for a first date, as you cannot estimate how many other people you will meet there. The same goes for your or her apartment. Do we need to explain why it is absolutely prohibited?

Better is a place where you are by no means alone with your lady. A cafe or restaurant is a safe alternative in this case.

Be cautious – If you two go to a bar after dinner in a restaurant, you should definitely keep an eye on your drink. For example, don’t go to the toilet and leave your glass half full. Do not leave until the glass is empty, and don’t let your woman order new drinks in your absence.

If she offers you this, just say you don’t know what you would like to have next.

Say it to your friends – You need to let your friends know about your date before the first meeting takes place. Give them as much information as possible. Such as: where did you meet this girl? Who is she?

How long do you think the rendezvous will last? It ensures your safety when someone but you knows who you are with.