Salesforce Certifications: All You Ever Wanted to Know

Salesforce may have started out as a mere automation service package way back in 1999 but the pace at which the company has evolved over the years is truly commendable. Today, it prides in offering an all-encompassing solution for all types of departmental functions. Be it sales, service, or marketing, Salesforce facilitates building of varied applications on its platform.

With so much on offer, it’s only natural for computer science students to wish for becoming a part of this growing family. This is why Salesforce training provides specialised certification courses that enable a prospective employee to gain the necessary knowledge and expertise in specific areas of Here we detail everything about Salesforce certifications and how to go about adding them to your portfolio.

Is it Necessary to Achieve Salesforce Training?

Let’s put it this way. If not necessary, it’s definitely going to do your career growth a lot of good. Being Salesforce certified puts a stamp on your CV that you hold the necessary expertise required in a certain work area of the Salesforce platform.

Besides, Salesforce certification can come of use if you intend to work with a customer/client or a partner of Salesforce. Some level of specialised knowledge of a certain functionality of Salesforce would definitely be expected when you apply for a position at Salesforce.

Base Level Salesforce Certifications

Though there are several of them, here are the most important certification courses that hold immense value in the market:

  • Certified Administrator
  • Certified Advanced Administrator
  • Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Certified Service Cloud Consultant
  • Certified Community Cloud Consultant
  • Certified Platform App Builder
  • Certified Platform Developer I
  • Certified Platform Developer II
  • Certified Technical Architect

The examination format for all of the above, excluding the last one, is 60 multiple-choice questions with 5 unscored questions added to each. Only the Certified Technical Architect certification involves a multiple-choice exam and a Review Board Presentation.

Also, Administrator Certification is the base level course that’s a pre-requisite for applying for a position at Salesforce. A knowledge of the fundamental basics of this course is also needed before taking the advanced admin, sales, and service cloud examinations.

How to Prepare for Salesforce Certifications?

The advantage of taking these courses is that each of them provides a detailed study guide covering all the essential topics that would help you when appearing for the exam. It’s important to get familiar with all the listed topics in the study guide. Also, it’d be a good idea to put the specific Salesforce functionality to trial or test yourself before taking the exam. #

For further assistance, the video interviews featuring other students who’ve taken the exams can also help. Similarly, practice tests would give a general idea on the type of questions that might come in the actual exam.

Where to Take the Salesforce Exam?

All certifications need to be taken on the Salesforce Webassessor online testing platform. Salesforce uses this platform to administer all examinations. For this, you need to go to the Salesforce Certification page and register by creating a Webassessor account. By logging into your account, you can register for any one of the certification exams.

Next, choose a testing centre, date and time for the test. Pay the test fee and you’re ready! Also, the results are announced immediately so you’d know that you’re now Salesforce certified. What’s more: your employers can validate your certification as well by clicking on

Why wait when applying for and earning a Salesforce certification can be that fast. Register today!