Salesian College scandal: Melbourne student expelled after making explicit AI images of female teacher

A student at a Catholic boys’ high school has been expelled after he made graphic images of a female teacher using artificial intelligence.

The 15-year-old from Salesian College in Chadstone in Melbourne’s south-east was expelled for creating the explicit images using an AI app in May.

The school immediately launched an investigation into the matter and took steps to remove the student.

Salesian College continues to provide support to the affected teacher and insisted it hadn’t received any complaints from parents.

However, some parents have since told the Herald Sun that they were shocked and angry when they became aware of the student’s appalling actions.

The expelled student attended Salesian College in Chadstone, Melbourne. The all-boys school quickly made steps to expel the boy when they were aware of what he had done

‘It’s very upsetting that this has occurred and we feel for the teacher involved,’ one parent said. 

Another parent described AI as ‘evil’ and were concerned about the use of the technology in this type of situation.

The incident comes days after leading consent campaigner Chanel Contos called for all Australian high school students to receive porn literacy classes.

Ms Contos believes the rate of young teens accessing explicit material was a ‘public health issue’. 

The campaigner said the ‘next step’ for secondary classrooms was school leaders talking about the dangers of pornography to pupils.

In February, more than 100 explicit private videos and photos of underage school students were found published on social media.

The footage and images were from both public and private schools and had been shared on several Instagram accounts without students’ permission. 

In a scourge in this type of activity, last year students were caught posting doctored pornographic images of teachers on social media – as well as filming classroom altercations amid an escalation of hatred towards teachers. 

Salesian College (pictured) continues to support the teacher involved in the incident

Salesian College (pictured) continues to support the teacher involved in the incident