Sarah Budge verdict: John Ibrahim’s girlfriend found not guilty

BREAKING NEWS: Sarah Budge, John Ibrahim’s model girlfriend, is found NOT GUILTY of possessing a handgun – ending a two year ordeal

  • Model Sarah Budge, 29, has been not guilty of a  gun possession charge 
  • The verdict follows a two week jury trial involving four days of deliberations 
  • She was joined today by her father Mark, her brother Jack and a close friend  

Sarah Budge, the model girlfriend of John Ibrahim, burst into tears as she was found not guilty of possessing a handgun in an emotional end to a two year ordeal.  

Budge, 29, slumped forward in relief as jury of five women and six men handed down their verdict on Wednesday following a two week trial including four days of deliberations. 

The lengthy ordeal has been trying for Budge, who was not well known prior to her arrest in August 2017, after Federal police found a handgun in her wardrobe. 

A tearful Ms Budge mouthed ‘thank you’ to the jury after their verdict.

Sarah Budge, 29, was found not guilty of a charge of possessing a handgun on Friday morning

Budge, dressed in a wraparound Scanlan Theodore shirt, was joined today in her celebrations by her father, Mark, brother, Jack, and a close friend.

The news comes after Budge was found not guilty on two further charges of possessing gun ammunition and defacing the weapon on Tuesday.

Today’s verdict is the final charge the jury had been asked to rule on. 

The jury had consisted of six men and six women, but their number as reduced to eleven after a juror had to leave because of Tasmanian travel plans.

Budge was arrested in August 2017 when Australian Federal Police officers found a stolen and defaced Glock 26 pistol in her bedroom wardrobe.

The weapon had a loaded magazine