School shooter went to Subway, McDonalds after killing 17

  • Nikolas Cruz, 19, took an Uber to the school where he killed 17 people
  • After he stopped at a Subway restaurant and got a drink before going to McDonald’s

A timeline of the school shooter’s deadly day is beginning to take shape, as it emerged he took an Uber to the school to begin his carnage, and afterwards stopped at fast food chains. 

Nikolas Cruz, 19, who was living with another family after his mother died, was supposed to go to GED classes, but when the father woke him up to drop him of fon his wayt to work,  he said something to the effect of ‘It’s Valentine’s Day. I don’t go to school on Valentine’s Day,’ according to a lawyer for the family. 

‘They just blew it off,’ attorney Jim Lewis said. ‘This is some 19-year-old that didn’t want to get up and go to school that day, and (they) left it at that.’

Cruz then took an Uber to his former school, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, according to the rideshare company, who is working with authorities. Uber has declined to say if Cruz’s driver noticed anything off about his passenger Wednesday morning.

Authorities say Cruz came armed with an AR-15 and extra magazines that he hid on school grounds.