Schoolies group narrowly escape with their lives on K’gari after tree branch spears through the front windscreen of their car

  • Branch smashed windscreen and impaled front passenger seat
  • No injuries as front passenger moved and no one was in the back
  • ‘I think someone is looking out for us,’ said youth group 
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A group of teenagers who were on a schoolies trip narrowly escaped with their lives after a tree branch speared through the windscreen of their car. 

The terrifying moment happened near Lake McKenzie on K’gari (formerly Fraser Island) off the coast of Central Queensland. 

The group of girls were heading back to their resort at Eurong, a 40-minute drive east of Lake McKenzie, when the massive branch crashed into the vehicle’s windscreen and plunged into the headrest of the front passenger seat. 

Fortunately, the passenger in the front seat managed to get out of the way when the tree branch crashed into the vehicle and speared through the head rest of the front passenger seat

Shocking photos showed part of the windscreen crushed by the branch

Shocking photos showed part of the windscreen crushed by the branch 

Shocking photos showed part of the windscreen crushed by the branch before it went through the head rest. 

Fortunately, the girl who was sitting in the seat at the time managed to get out of the way before the branch ploughed through into the back seat. 

Thankfully, no one was sitting at the back at the time of the crash. 

The girls were staying at Rainbow Beach during the trip and wanted to venture out and explore K’gari before they ran into trouble. 

Rescuers from youth group Red Frogs were alerted to the crash and rushed to the scene to help the schoolies after their car was struck. 

Tim Winnington, co-ordinator of the Central Queensland Red Frogs team located on the Fraser Coast, said they were the first to arrive at the site following the incident. 

‘It was pretty amazing that no one was actually hurt. It was phenomenal really,’ Mr Winnington told the Townsville Bulletin.

‘We were able to help them out, comfort them and be there for them.’ 

Red Frogs CEO Andrew Gourley said the teenagers – who were in shock following the incident – were lucky they were able to walk away from the crash uninjured. 

‘The understatement of the day was ‘I think someone is looking out for us’,’ Mr Gourley said. 

Rescuers got to work to remove the branch from the car thanks to a ranger who happened to be driving their tractor nearby at the time. 

No one was injured in the shocking accident during the schoolies trip to K'gari Island

No one was injured in the shocking accident during the schoolies trip to K’gari Island

The Red Frogs crew were then able to drive the car back to Eurong despite the damage the vehicle sustained. 

The girls were later driven back to their resort where paramedics assessed them before they stayed the night with members of the youth group. 

A member of one of the girl’s family took the teens back to Rainbow Beach the next day. 

Schoolies kicked off last week as thousands of school leavers marked the end of Year 12 with parties and festivals well underway on the Gold Coast. 

Schoolies for 2023 ends on December 3.