Seahawks safety Jamal Adams is slammed after posting (and deleting) Tweet mocking reporter’s wife: ‘That was so low’

  • Jamal Adams was criticized for his defense in the Seahawks’ loss to the Cowboys
  • After a journalist reacted to the touchdown, Adams mocked the reporter’s wife 
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Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams was slammed by fans on social media for mocking a reporter’s wife on Friday.

Adams was criticized for his defence on a game-winning touchdown by Dallas Cowboys safety Jake Ferguson late on Thursday Night Football. The play saw the Cowboys take the lead just four and a half minutes from time.

Connor Hughes, a journalist for SNYtv, who has been covering the Jets since Adams played for New York, retweeted the play and captioned it: ‘Yikes’.

On Friday, Adams used the same caption – and a mocking emoji – when tweeting a photo of Hughes’ wife. Although Adams later deleted the tweet, fans rushed to condemn the post. 

‘Jamal Adams is a piece of human trash,’ one fan wrote with a screenshot of Adams’ deleted tweet. 

Jamal Adams was slammed for mocking a reporter’s wife after Thursday’s game against Dallas

Adam's posted a photo of Connor Hughes' wife and captioned it 'yikes' before deleting it

Adam’s posted a photo of Connor Hughes’ wife and captioned it ‘yikes’ before deleting it

Fans referred to Adams as a 'piece of human trash' and a 'loser' for mocking Hughes' wife

Fans referred to Adams as a ‘piece of human trash’ and a ‘loser’ for mocking Hughes’ wife

‘Jamal Adams has had a bad 24 hours,’ a second fan wrote. 

A third fan said that Adams ‘hit rock bottom’ while a fourth simply called him ‘a loser’ for the comment. 

Adams later added fuel to the fire by posting another tweet which read: ‘Don’t start nothin won’t be nothin’. 

‘You got cooked last night,’ a fan commented. ‘Just take it like a man.’

Adams played his first three seasons in the NFL with the Jets before getting traded to Seattle in 2020. Adams made the last of his three Pro-Bowl appearances in his first year with the Seahawks. 

Adams is yet to record a sack or interception this season with the Seahawks currently 6-6, sitting second in the NFC West.