Seahawks star Jamal Adams refuses to apologize for tweet mocking reporter’s wife: ‘When others go low, I go lower’

  • Adams said that his animosity towards Jets reporter Connor Hughes is ‘personal’
  • Fans referred to Adams as ‘human trash’ and a ‘loser’ for mocking Hughes’ wife
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Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams had a chance to address the storm he caused last week by mocking a reporter’s wife on social media – but refused to back down.

Adams was criticized for his defence on a game-winning touchdown by Dallas Cowboys safety Jake Ferguson in last week’s Thursday Night Football. The play saw the Cowboys take the lead just four and a half minutes from time.

Connor Hughes, a journalist for SNYtv, who has been covering the Jets since Adams played for New York, retweeted the play and captioned it: ‘Yikes’.

Last Friday, Adams used the same caption – and a mocking emoji – when tweeting a photo of Hughes’ wife.

And speaking Wednesday, Adams offered no remorse for his actions, saying: ‘It’s always the athlete that crossed the line when he responds. But at the end of the day, disrespect is disrespect, however you want to take it. So, I responded.’

Jamal Adams refused to back down after mocking a reporter’s wife on social media last week

Adam's posted a photo of Connor Hughes' wife and captioned it 'yikes' before deleting it

Adam’s posted a photo of Connor Hughes’ wife and captioned it ‘yikes’ before deleting it

‘I knew when I did hit that Tweet, I wasn’t in it to win it. At the end of the day it was to get him to understand, ‘Leave me the hell alone.’

‘When others go low, I go lower. I mean, you can sit there and have regret. But I don’t live that way in my life. We’ve had history, Connor and I…We’ve have never liked each other.

‘I’m not here to say if it was fair or not. But at the same time, at the end of the day, it’s been personal with him and I ever since I’ve been with the Jets and even before that, since my rookie year. 

‘Like I said, it’s been going on for countless years. He’s always said some smart things toward my play, if I do make a mistake. And I just got fed up with it, bro. This was the end of it.’

Fans called Adams 'human trash' and a 'loser' on social media after mocking Hughes' wife

Fans called Adams ‘human trash’ and a ‘loser’ on social media after mocking Hughes’ wife

Fans called Adams a ‘piece of human trash’ and a ‘loser’ after his cheap shot on Hughes’ wife. 

In the middle of the backlash, Adams doubled down on his remarks by posting another tweet which read: ‘Don’t start nothin won’t be nothing’. The follow-up tweet added more fuel to the flame as fans continued to torch Adams on social media. 

‘You got cooked last night,’ a fan commented. ‘Just take it like a man.’

Adams played his first three seasons in the NFL with the Jets before getting traded to Seattle in 2020. Adams made the last of his three Pro-Bowl appearances in his first year with the Seahawks.

Adams has been struggling this season and is yet to record a sack or interception with the Seahawks currently 6-6, sitting second in the NFC West.