Searching For Geolocation Of Mac Address?

Searching For Geolocation Of Mac Address? Keep Reading..

Have you ever searched online for ways to know someone’s geolocation with the help of its mac address? If you said yes, then we are sure in most of the cases you must have got the result as you cannot find the geolocation, as with the help of mac address you would not be able to get the exact location of the person it can give you the location under a broad range spectrum.

But still, some ways can help search for geolocation of mac addresses. In this post, we will discuss everything about the geolocation of mac addresses and those ways, so make sure to follow this post till the end.

Before heading forward with the central section, let us have an in-depth introduction about mac addresses.

All About Mac Address:

MAC address is a unique interface card which is also considered as a physical and hardware address. Moreover, with the help of this Address, you can figure out the hardware manufacturer and develop a link between the device and its Network.

Although there might be some people who are unaware of finding mac address, in case if you want to find the mac address of your device, then do follow the mentioned below steps:

  • If you are trying to find a MAC address on your Windows PC, you need to click on the Start button and open the command prompt. Under command prompt, you need to type ipconfig/all and click on enter.

Right after that, you need to check out the Physical Address section; under that section, you would be able to get the Mac address of your device.

  • If you are finding a MAC address in MacOS, then you need to click on the Apple menu and then head towards System Preferences. Under the viewing menu, you need to select Network. Right after that, click on wifi, Ethernet, or Airport section and move to their Advanced menu from the bottom.

You would be able to check out the MAC Address of your MacOS quickly.

  • To find MAC Address in your Linux device, you need to type ifconfig -a and then checkout for eth0, which will be your default ethernet port. Under that port setting, you need to find HWaddr. Here at this section, you would find out the MAC Address of your Linux device.
  • For finding your MAC address on an iOS device, you need to open your settings and then move to the General option. Under the About tab, you will find wifi Address settings; you would be able to find out the MAC Address of your device.
  • In case you are finding MAC Address in your Android device, then open your Settings and move to Wireless and Networks. Under the wifi settings option, click on Advance, where you would find the MAC address of your android device.

Ways To Track Geolocation of Mac Address:

As we have already discussed, in most cases, you would not be able to find any such geolocation tracker with the help of MAC Address. But here we have found one such option, which is known as Profone wifi Tracker.

Profone wifi Tracker uses both your MAC Addresses for searching your location. In the section, you would have to place your MAC Address 1 & MAC Address 2 and, at last, click on the Search option.

Also, there are no limitations with the website; you would be able to track MAC Addresses from your MacBook, Android, iOS device, or any other.

Can we change MAC Address?

Most users think that you can change the MAC Address of your device for saving yourself from hackers or online trackers. Although it is not suggested to change your MAC address, there is an option available with the help of which you can change your network card’s mac address.

For changing the mac address, you need to move under the Network and Sharing center and location change adapter settings. From the network card properties, you need to configure it and make changes to the mac address.

This was all about this post, in which we discussed everything about the MAC Address and how we can track the geolocation of a mac address.