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Seasonal Makeup look and tips that you should be aware of

Seasonal Makeup look and tips that you should be aware of

You can’t keep the same look throughout the year. Looks and makeup are seasonal and you need to keep up with the current trend. You cannot wear the same lipstick shades that you wore in May in December. Yes, you read that right.

Here are a few seasonal makeup trends you might want to know about.


This is known as the festive time of year so encourage yourself to indulge in richer and deeper colors such as wine and dark violets. Deep shades of eye and lip color give the skin warmth and are ideal for winter.

While choosing rich shades for the eyes, it is best to go with a lighter lipstick. Medium to dark jewel-tone colors is great for lips. Be careful to select the shade that is right for your tone. Medium berry shades are better for small lips and darker shades like crimson are more complementary for full lips.

Winter is actually the best time of the year to wear a bold red lip shade. There is a  theory that there is one perfect shade of red for every woman. For a daytime look, tone down the classic neutral eye looks with a deep brown liner instead of black and pair with a deep brick red lipstick. A true brick red is best for most complexions.

For an evening look use a deep chocolate red paired with a bright gold shadow that has a hint of shimmer. You could add a shimmery gloss over any darker shade to give more edge to their holiday glam look! Also, recommend moisturizing lipsticks because they will provide comfort to chapped and dehydrated lips during the winter months.

During the winter months, your skin is constantly fighting dryness and dehydration due to indoor heaters and environmental elements. Remember to boost hydration levels with serums and always use a moisturizer before applying foundation.  It is recommended to cream blush and liquid foundation because they comfort the skin and are easy to apply on the go.


During summer, the skin typically has an improved skin tone because of increased sun exposure. Although many enjoy a warmer skin tone, be aware that any darkening in the skin is an indication of damage.

Mineral makeup lines offer blending, foundation, concealer, powder, and sunscreen to provide you with the most convenient protection and coverage. Do your research so that you can help clients pick a brand that is best for their skin.

Summertime provides the perfect opportunity to define skin with bronzers that give the skin vitality and a healthy glow. Bronzers can help create a sun-kissed look without harmful UV damage. A simple guide to using powder bronzer is to apply a large dome brush with light strokes to the areas of the face that normally get the most sun exposure.

This is also a good time of year to use colors like bronze, peach, and gold colors on the eyes. Be sure to smudge your eyeliner with a beauty blender which helps to soften the eye look while leaving her eyes defined. Follow up with neutral blush and a berry lip gloss.

Defining lips for the summer look should be fresh and effortless. Skip lip liner and indulge in gloss or long-wearing liquid lip color. Bold coral liquid lip colors are good for the beach and look amazing on bronze complexions. Sheer lips are fantastic if you have already defined the eyes with shadow, liner, and mascara.

Peachy pinks and apricots are excellent this time of year and complement almost any skin tone. Berry pinks also look great on most skin tones. If you are persistent in using a lip liner, select a nude shade that is similar to your actual lip color. This will look more natural and fresh.


This time of year is all about renewal so use this as an opportunity to create looks that are fresh and light with colors that really pop. Start with a neutral eye shade swept over the entire lid area. Maybe a champagne pink color or even a sheer gold color with a hint of shimmer will help create the desired effect.

For a whimsical spring look, try earth-toned shadows that create a soft smokey eye and pair with a peachy pink or nude color with a hint of pink. Earth tone shadows complement all eye colors and are easy and quick to apply. If a client prefers pastels, a soft lavender shadow is a great choice and looks best with black or grey eyeliner.

For cheeks, use a soft pink or rose color. A rose color blush with a hint of a berry is a great choice if wearing a light pastel eyeshadow. Whereas, a lip shade with a plum or mulberry hue gives a very youthful look. Whether you choose a light or medium shade, lips need to pop in the spring. To achieve that vibrant spring look, use bright pinks with a hint of red or berry.

Pinks can be tricky so be mindful when selecting a shade. Warmer skin tones need a peachy pink or a pinkish-brown color. Cooler skin tones can do almost any shade of pink especially the more vibrant true pinks. Many cosmetic companies now produce lip and cheek stains that help create the freshest, fastest spring look.

One of my favorite bold spring looks is a dark dramatic lip. Application of this look can be tricky in the beginning, but with some practice, this look can be mastered. In order to maintain balance and avoid a harsh look, it is best to choose light eye shadow.

A great trick of the trade is to outline the entire lip line with a medium to full coverage concealer and to set it with translucent powder and then use a neutral liner and fill it in. After which you can apply the bold lip shade.

These were the three seasonal makeup tips. Change your makeup every season. Be it spring, summer, or winter.