SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Sir Patrick battles housing plan

As a former Star Trek Captain, Sir Patrick Stewart is used to fighting wars in outer space.

However the award-winning actor, 77, is now boldly going into battle in his own backyard to thwart a massive development which he has denounced as ‘elitist’.

Sir Patrick is leading the campaign against American multi-millionaire Peter Mullin, who wants to turn Enstone Airfield near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire into a museum for his collection of 200 classic cars.

Sir Patrick Stewart, pictured with songstress wife Sunny Ozell, is leading the campaign against American multi-millionaire Peter Mullin

The airfield is within phaser-striking distance of the country residence which Sir Patrick shares with his third wife, American singer-songwriter Sunny Ozell, 38 years his junior.

Mullin, who lives in California, also plans to build 28 ‘holiday lodges’, together with a ‘car exercise road’, ‘show lane building’, and ‘corporate hospitality building’ .

It’s dead in the water, as far as Sir Patrick is concerned, and he has submitted his vehement objections to the West Oxfordshire District Council.

Sir Patrick, who grew up in poverty in Jarrow, describes the project as too ‘commercial and elitist: fabulously expensive historic cars, Bentley showroom and houses costing £5/6 million.

‘This is a greenfield site and there is no mention of affordable housing. The developer is a multi-millionaire and is on record as saying that if there were local objections he would at once seek another site. He should.’

Stewart has the support of a whole army of Chipping Norton Set grandees with names such as Astor, Heathcoat-Amory and Orr-Ewing.

Perhaps most eloquent of all is Old Etonian Dominic Loehnis, arguably the closest friend of David Cameron — best man at Loehnis’s wedding.

Deriding the proposed motor museum as ‘a fig-leaf . . . to justify a blatant attempt to build 28 holiday homes in complete contradiction to the local plan’, Loehnis summarises Mullin’s project as ‘risible’.

Stewart once remarked that he feels ill at ease in a room full of Conservatives, explaining: ‘I don’t know where to look, stand or be.’ Presumably he now feels right at home.

Bigger Bond down to wife’s love of grub

So now we know who is responsible for Daniel Craig’s fuller face, which premiered at the Baftas.

Blame it on his wife Rachel Weisz, 47, who introduced the 007 actor to Jewish eaterie Harry Morgan in St John’s Wood, London, where the pair gorge on highly calorific fare.

Heftier role: Daniel Craig is pictured at the British Academy Film Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London  

Heftier role: Daniel Craig is pictured at the British Academy Film Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London  

A fellow diner tells me: ‘Daniel joked with me that the hardest thing about playing Bond isn’t the stunts or nookie scenes, it’s the fact he has to largely stick to a boring diet of health food.

‘But he must have a gap in his diary at the moment as he’s just mad for Jewish food. Daniel asked for all the trimmings with his salt beef sandwich including sauerkraut and latkes [fried potato cakes].’

  • Actress Jenny Agutter’s father Derek Agutter, a former Army officer, has died aged 90. He was head of entertainment for the Armed Forces in ‘what used to be called ENSA: every night something awful’, according to his daughter — so the family followed him around the world, living in barracks and bungalows from Singapore to Cyprus. Derek did not go gentle into the good night and married former pub landlady Angela Thomas three years ago. The couple met when he booked a table at Cornwall’s Halzephron Inn — on The Lizard near his home — to celebrate his 80th birthday.