Secret Tips for Making Your Guest Post Pitch Perfect

I am Sujeet Kumar going to write about how to perfectly pitch your guests posts. First of all to pitch anyone or to impress anyone on the guests posts the communicator or the speaker must be confident and must be free to share his views and ideas to the receiver.

In the Communication process to impress the guest on his posts then for the sender/speaker has to understand the receiver/guests needs. Sender has to first of all learn what is needed by the receiver then presenting the answers according to the receiver needs. For example the seller will sell the comb to the person who has no comb or who has hair on his head.

Since the communication shows to be receiver oriented then it should be perfect to attract the customers For example The seller has to sell the comb who has hair but not to the person who has no hair on his head.

Write the topic of the post as a heading

In this the communicator should understand the mind of the guest and accordingly write the topic to impress pitch him.

The communicator should always keep in mind about the length of the topic and content topic plays a major role in explaining about the subject of the content so , it should not be too long to understand by the guest.

It should be appropriate to just explain the content of the post with the headlines.

Length and appropriateness is the major parameter to impress the guest posts.

The theme of the blog should match with the content so there is greater chance that the guest is pitched.

The blog should be according to the guests/audience needs to be perfectly pitched him.


Researching about the audience/guests needs can be best discovered by looking on the audience/guests comments and shares.

The communicator can also use the same post to attract the audience guests. The strength of searching new topic is really incredible in other words maximum time should be used in developing the attracting headline and other time on the rest part off the pitch.

Email must be personalised

Email can be personalized by showing editors name in your mail.

Going deeper must also help: Instead of showing the person’s name we can also refer to something they did awesome on their post or about the popular post or about the branded product.

Always be genuine genuine while pitching on the guest/audience posts. Show of the guest that you are the right person and have the experience.

We can also present some samples related to guest posts to pitch him.

 Make blog short

In first step the communicator should only write hii and in second step about the headline or about the topic and in third step if the guest is interested then move on for the further talks.

 Topic/headline must be ultimate

It also demonstrates that people really don’t have the time to read long emails blogs post etc.

Keeping sweet short and simple seems to be good alternative to be good to pitch the guest posts.

The pitch should be straight and short and to the point: Always keep the mails short and sweet as possible and direct to the point which is required.

Business people value their time so always try to write short and sweet emails blogs etc.

Quality of the email is also the factor in pitching the guest posts.

Always be confident while responding to guest posts.

Being confident doesn’t means that you are talking openly about how awesome was your post.

 Attaching images:

-finding the image according to the content and posts to pitch images are easily done by the brain and had a great impact on everyone so always try to insert good quality and appropriate images.  Always follow the technical guidelines: Use technical words while pitching for the business posts. Technical words and format are easily and fastly accepted by the guest brain or by the reader.

Use of branded email address

It have a great impact on the guest.

The response of the communicator should be such that the guest automatically pressurized to reply in a positive way to a great deal of business.

Spend time in reading guest post to know about the core values of the site. You can also read terms and conditions required to respond by a communicator.

Always read to the latest article another information to get a feel for the type of writing style and quality of writing expected from you.

Always try to find the name of the person you are going to pitch. Always keep the email/ write the email short and sweet as possible.

 Always proofread your email

It is an important task to know the errors before sending it to the guest. You can also proofread your email by other person to know the quality of the email and sweet and short content of the email.

Your email must not be in a broken English. It keeps a bad image on the guest.

Never ask for the money first (it breaks the customer- shopkeeper relationship and it sounds as a spam )

Pitching a guest post is more probably a human art then a science.