See the moment Carrie Bickmore apologises to Brodie Grundy after making a VERY embarrassing mistake on live radio

  • Carrie Bickmore was left red-faced after an embarrassing mistake on air 
  • The radio host invited Brodie Grundy on air ahead of the grand final 
  • But Grundy no longer plays for Collingwood 

Carrie Bickmore was left red-faced after she made a shocking mistake on live radio in the build up to the grand final.

Bickmore, in an effort to surprise co-presenter and Collingwood tragic Tommy Little, brought a surprise guest on air ahead of the Pies’ showdown with Brisbane Lions at the MCG on Saturday.

However, Little was left perplexed as Bickmore introduced the guest, Melbourne star and former Pie Brodie Grundy, under the impression that he would be playing in the big match. 

Here is how the interaction played out…  

Carrie Bickmore (CB): It is a very special weekend coming up for you, so we thought why not let you nerd out a little bit on air, your team has made it into the grand final. Brodie Grundy will be playing for the Pies and he joins us now. 

Little was perplexed by the introduction of the special guest

Carrie Bickmore (left) was left red-faced after making an embarrassing mistake on live radio

CB: Why are you so confused?

Tommy Little (TL): Who have we got? 

Brodie Grundy (BG): Tommy it’s your old mate, it’s Brodie

TL: Brodie, sorry, I love you, but Carrie do you know what’s happened here? 

BG: This is awkward ay

TL: Carrie do you honestly not know what you’ve done? Oh my god

CB: What’s happening? I’m confused? 

TL: Would you call this a massive c**k up Brodie?

BG: That is one why to describe this situation

CB: Is this not exciting for you? 

TL: Brodie is a Collingwood legend, Brodie would you like to tell Carrie what you’re doing Saturday?

BG: I’m categorically not playing on Saturday. My last game for Collingwood was Anzac Day 2022, and then I was traded.

Brodie Grundy is a Collingwood legend but now plays for the Melbourne Demons

Brodie Grundy is a Collingwood legend but now plays for the Melbourne Demons

CB: Oh Brodie, you’re still a star player in my eyes. I thought you were still playing!

TL: He is still playing, just not for Collingwood!

Grundy then wished the pair farewell, before an embarrassed Bickmore turned on her colleagues, who were left in stitches. 

‘Ok that there is a f***ing stitch up by all of you.’