Selecting The Best Garage Doors Sunshine Coast For Your Home

The garage door is the most frequently used entrance to home and makes up a large portion of the home’s appearance, so replacing it can increase the home’s curb appeal and value. Replacing the garage door was recently ranked as the top remodeling project which can do to increase the home’s value with nearly 85% return on investment, improving the home’s curb appeal. It’s important that when you shop for garage doors, go with one that is both stylish and secured. You can refer to Steel Line to get the best garage doors Sunshine Coast.

Styles And Materials For Garage Door  

Garage doors are available in a large number of styles to match any home, but they have mainly two famous styles – the classic style and the carriage house style.

Classic Style

  •     Insulation and multiple colour options
  •     It is customisable – you can add Windows, hardware and more to match your home.
  •     Can be raised manually or with a garage door opener
  •     It is the most economical choice.

Carriage Style

  •     It resembles historic carriage house doors.
  •     It adds distinguished look to your house
  •     It offers swing out look with upward operation
  •     It is available in a range of materials

Tip – whether you are looking for prefabricated garage doors or custom made garage doors, you need to provide accurate numbers. Measurements of the structural opening, the sides of the garage, headroom and the inside face of the garage door, before you decide to buy a new garage door.

Garage Door Materials

The most popular garage door materials are aluminium, Steel, wood and fiberglass. Each material has some advantages and disadvantages. Simply choose the best garage door material to fit the particular lifestyle and your budget.

Wood Or Wood Composite 

Pros –

  •     Easy to customise
  •     Heavy
  •     Aesthetically pleasing

Cons –

  •     Expensive
  •     Heavy (composite is lighter)
  •     Needs annual refinishing
  •     Not as durable as other materials
  •     Short warranty.

Steel Doors 


  •     Lower maintenance than wood
  •     Longer warranty life


  •     Susceptible to dents and rust
  •     Heavy

Aluminium doors 


  •     Lightweight
  •     Dent – resistant


  •     Expensive when sold with heavy frames
  •     Inexpensive doors will dent

Vinyl doors


  •     Hard to dent
  •     Easy maintenance


  •     Fewer color and design options

Fiberglass doors


  •     Mimics other materials
  •     Affordable
  •     Easy to customise


  •     Less durable in cold climates
  •     Weathers poorly over time
  •     Takes on yellow tinge as it ages

If you want more customisation use garage door configuration to design, visualise and purchase an ideal garage door for you online. You can choose from a variety of designs, collections,  construction and installation Windows, colour, hardware, glass type installation options and more. You can upload a picture of your home to see how your custom overhead garage door would look once you get it installed.

Garage doors can be installed differently depending on the spring system you choose. It is better to leave such a large task to the professionals. Different styles of door construction gives advantage in security, noise control and other feature benefits. Personalize the garage door to meet your family’s needs, by adding a garage door screen, paint, window and more.