SEO Strategies for Brands to Beat Competition

The online marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Regardless of the approach, you have to include SEO as a part of your online marketing mix. Brands often get tangled in the web of best SEO practices, emerging trends and other factors, but eventually, the purpose of SEO is rather simple – to gain online exposure, traffic, and authority for a website. If your brand is concerned about using SEO for gaining competitive advantage, here are some strategies that may come in handy.

Re-evaluate your website’s performance

Even the best marketing plans have to be re-approached and reimagined at some point, and the same is true for SEO Strategy. Auditing is the first step towards using SEO effectively for a website. Audits help in reviewing the performance of a website, if all the on-page elements are optimized, and whether the portal is mobile-ready. Most SEO agencies offer free analysis services, so consider that option. Also, this helps in comparing your website with immediate competitor sites.

Use keyword research effectively

As cliché as it may sound, keyword research is extremely important for any website, and it should not be about popular keywords alone. Keep in mind that Google is focusing big time on voice search, so long tail keywords and using conversational phrases will matter, and it is also wise to consider local keywords. Local SEO is going to matter for conversions, and therefore, keyword research for local audience is necessary.

Content is still king

SEO trends may change, but content is all that matters. Search engines want to offer the most relevant results to users, and for that, they will only rank content that’s fresh, unique and high on quality. No matter what other strategies you use, the best way to beat competitors is to create genuine content that can attract, hold visitors. In fact, if your website has great content and surface-level SEO and marketing is done right, it wouldn’t be long before you see real change in website visibility and traffic.

Focus on link building

Most of the core components of SEO are interlinked. Just like great content is important, you can choose to post such contents on third-party websites and get a backlink to your website. This is called guest posting, and no matter the rumors, link building is not dead. Link building is the most effective way of gaining exposure online, and if your website appears on niche, authority websites, it automatically dominates searches and establishes authority.

Protect your consumers with SSL Certificate

You want to convince your customers and web visitors that your website is safe for transactions and actions. The best way to do that is to get an SSL Certificate, and it doesn’t have to cost a bomb. It also sends a signal to the search engines that your website is safe, secure, while customers feel a more legitimate connection with the brand. Almost all authority sites have SSL Certificates, so don’t miss on this.

Track your competitors

Your SEO effort for a brand has to align with that of your competitors. It is possible to make many mistakes and learn from each of them, but you can actually do that by simply following your competitors. Track how they are faring in the SEO game, the strategies they are using, and how they are using other marketing practices in the mix. You can keep a tab on rankings, or ask your SEO agency for inputs.

In conclusion

SEO strategies for a website have to be about quality, and it is necessary to keep customer expectations and searches in consideration. If you are not focusing on brand mentions or replying back to comments, reviews, and feedback, you are missing out on what some of the best websites are doing.