Setup your own cloud phone system in minutes with Aircall VoIP

Telephony revolutionized global trade by eliminating the hurdle of communication time lag. But modern business is a little beyond just solving the communication challenge. It is more about making communication qualitatively effective and quantitatively scalable.

Thanks to the evolution of the internet it is now possible to communicate effectively over the internet at a large scale with high-quality voice using sophisticated communication technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

This revolutionary improvisation eliminates the outdated landline and equips with the power of seamless quality communication with clients, customers, and the team, that too at far less cost.

The Aircall cloud-based phone system is virtually free of drawbacks to help you improve operational efficiency and scale exponentially.

How VoIP Makes Your Business Powerfully Efficient and Scalable

The need for remote-working amidst the pandemic has made effective communication the most important factor for companies of all sizes to survive and scale. Now, it is more than necessary for all types of businesses to have a high-quality communication system in place to run processes effortlessly.

The VoIP, also known as Hosted VoIP, Business VoIP, or Cloud PBX, is here to make your communication with clients, customers, and team engaging and enriching. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a cloud-based phone system:

Communicate Efficiently and Effectively

The overall efficiency of your processes depends on how effortlessly you and your team communicate internally and externally. A highly refined cloud-based call center software with an extensive list of features to make communication responsive and engaging saves your time, energy, and effort that goes waste in dialing multiple times.

Cut Communication Cost

According to a French business magazine, almost all businesses struggle to keep operational costs in check. The easy to install cloud-based call center solution replaces the need for multiple phone lines with just an Internet connection. If your business depends on long-distance calls, you can easily measure how data packets sent over the IP network could save annually.

Unlike the traditional minute-to-minute cost of a landline, with VoIP, you need to pay your monthly charges. Most importantly, the cloud-based phone system with a limited requirement of hardware and software updates makes it less cost-intensive.

Scale with Confidence

Nothing could be more satisfactory than seeing the client base expanding. The VoIP eliminates the scaling challenge businesses face with traditional landlines. The highly efficient, effective, effortless VoIP phone system helps you improve operational productivity. With an added edge of cost-effectiveness, you are always free to focus more on scaling your business as you don’t have to worry about adding a line of communication.

Smooth Integration with Other Tools

Businesses use several tools to make operation more efficient, thankfully cloud-based phone system integrates smoothly with a wide range of current business systems. You are free of the headache of modifying existing applications and IT infrastructure. You will have easy access to CRM, Task Manager Applications, and other tools so that you could communicate effectively.

Improved Reliability

If you are concerned about the dependence and efficacy of the Internet connection, your concerns are misplaced, at least when you see it in the context of a traditional landline-based system. Interestingly, the VoIP offers you much-needed flexibility if your office phone goes down due to a network outage, as calls can always be re-routed to mobile phones and other devices. Unlike in the past, your business system will remain active.

Conferencing Made Easy

You are aware of the challenges of the voice quality with the traditional phone system, and this becomes more stressful when you are on a conference call with your prospects. The cloud-based phone system offers you high-quality multi-node conferencing without the additional cost. On top of it, the freedom to share information in multiple formats makes your communication highly effective and engaging.

Modern business is all about exploring opportunities beyond traditional geographies. The power of smooth and cost-effective global communication helps you build a diversified team to expand business operations globally. The effortless VoIP phone system empowers your remote teamwork seamlessly from home or anywhere without the stress to remain connected with maximum productivity.