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Sex tape scandal rocks the NRL as ‘very well-known’ player is filmed with a woman in a public toilet

‘Very well-known NRL’ player is allegedly filmed having sex with a young woman in a public toilet

  • Video footage has emerged of NRL player allegedly having sex in a public toilet 
  • The footage, which was filmed over the toilet door, only lasts for five seconds
  • An NRL club said video involved said their player did not consent to the filming 
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A high-profile rugby league player is at the centre of a newly-leaked sex tape, which his club claims was filmed without his consent.

Video is alleged to show the player having sex with a woman in a public toilet cubicle.  

The footage, which was filmed over the toilet door by a bystander, only lasts for five seconds. 

An NRL club on Wednesday confirmed the video involved one of their players. 

‘We understand that those on the video have been illegally filmed by another person without consent and that an attempt has been made to distribute the video to media outlet and on social media platforms,’ the club said. 

The club said they contacted the NRL Integrity Unit, who are investigating. 

Both the club and the NRL Integrity Unit are taking the matter ‘very seriously’ as the video is a ‘potential invasion of privacy of those involved’. 

A high-profile rugby league player is at the centre of a newly leaked sex tape, which they claim was filmed without their consent (pictured, an image from the video)

The club said they would not comment further on the incident.  

There were two other men in the bathroom when the player was having sex with the blonde woman, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The woman involved was topless during the act. 

The Daily Telegraph’s Dean Ritchie told The Big Sport Breakfast on Wednesday morning that the video has been circulating and he received it overnight.  

‘It is a difficult one. It does look like a first grade player who is very well-known. But we can’t prove that yet,’ he said.

‘You would have to go to the right channels to find out if it is the player and if there is any punishment looming.

‘It looked like a sex act in a toilet. But until we know more. If we can determine the identity and if it is the player himself. There is more questions than answers.’

Big Sports Breakfast co-host and former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke questioned the player’s actions.

‘Does he not have a house for starters? Like go home. What are you doing in a toilet?’ he said.  

The woman who features in the footage is reportedly taking legal action against the person who filmed it, as she did not give permission for the video to be taken.

Another woman, who allegedly featured in a 2018 video that was disseminated without her consent, last month revealed she would take Penrith Panthers player Tyrone May to the Supreme Court.

The victim filed defamation and breach of privacy claims over the video, after May narrowly escaped jail.

The Penrith playmaker earlier pleaded guilty to four counts of intentionally recording an intimate image without consent.