Sexologist reveals the safest position for shower sex that will prevent slips AND blow your mind

  • Shower sex can be more uncomfortable in real life than movies make it seem
  • A sex expert revealed the best position to avoid injuries and keep the mood up 
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Shower sex has a reputation for looking easier in the movies. In real life, however, it can be a bit more uncomfortable.

But a sex expert has now revealed tricks to secure the steamiest shower sex, while ensuring you don’t slip over and break a bone.

Firstly, not enough people consider intimacy when they embark on shared showers, according to dating coach Myisha Battle.

She says couples should be conscious that bathing together can ‘invite a level of intimacy’.

Sex expert and dating coach Myisha Battle suggests that for couples engaging in penetrative sex, the receiving partner should bend over, while the other partner comes in from behind

Then comes getting into the perfect position. And there are ways to place yourselves without slipping or killing the mood, Battle told Goop.

For couples participating in penetrative sex, Ms Battle suggests that the partner on the receiving end should bend forward. 

While bending forward, that partner should brace against the wall in front of them with their hands or arms.  

The partner doing the penetrating should approach their partner from behind.

Ms Battle said that while you could choose to face each other, this would require more strength and balance. 

For those who are inclined to try, try leaning against a sturdy ledge if you have one to keep your bodies steady.

Additionally, she suggests adding a nonslip mat to the shower floor to keep your feet from slipping around. 

However, even when using these positions, shower sex can be tricky if you have a significant height difference.

If this is the case, Ms Battle recommends taking time in the shower to explore other sexual activities, such as foreplay. 

Then, you can towel off and move the rest to the bedroom. 

If you need help getting in the mood, Ms Battle suggests leaning into all of the senses that come with showering together. 

This could include bathing with each other and helping to clean one another’s  hard-to-reach areas.

And when the mood does hit, opt for a silicone lube. 

She said that silicone-based lubricants last longer than water-based ones and won’t wash off in the water.

However, they can still be removed easily with soap.

These should be avoided if you’re using silicone-based toys though, as they could damage them.