Shocking new border statistics reveal the surprising countries migrants are flocking to the US from

Shocking new border statistics have revealed the surprising countries spawning an influx of migrants to the US. 

While Chinese migrants continue to dominate the list, thousands are also pouring in from India, Vietnam, Turkey, Uzebakistan and the West African nation of Mauritania. 

About 62% of all Chinese migrants arriving at America’s borders are entering the country through San Diego, according to US Border Patrol statistics.

At least 48,501 Chinese migrants have crossed into the US illegally- mostly surrendering to Border Patrol with the hopes of seeking asylum- from Oct. 1 through April. 

Chinese migrants wait to be processed after crossing the border with Mexico Wednesday, May 8, 2024, near Jacumba Hot Springs, Calif. San Diego became the busiest corridor for illegal crossings in April, according to U.S. government data

‘It’s an 8,600% increase over all of fiscal year 2021, when just 342 Chinese nationals crossed illegally – across the entire southern border,’ Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin tweeted.



48,501 – China

8,900 – India 

7,800 – Turkey 

2,900 – Uzbekistan 

4,400 –  Mauritania 

3,000 – Vietnam 

5,600 –  Guinea 

Of those, 27,135 entered the country either in San Diego or in the area east of the city, which is all considered the San Diego sector by the Border Patrol. 

On Saturday alone, at least 118 Chinese citizens illegally cross into the region, Fox News reported.

While most of the border sees most of its migrants from countries like Mexico and Venezuela, the area near San Diego attracts migrants from around the world. 

Since the start of the fiscal year, more than 8,900 migrants from India have arrived there.

Another 7,800 from Turkey, 5,600 from 5,600+ Guinea and 4,400 from Mauritania have also entered the country there.

‘There is now an orchestrated, well organized cartel smuggling operation of Chinese into Southern California,’ Melugin stated. 

As was first to report, Chinese migrants are being smuggled into the US with the help of Chinese gangs known as ‘snakeheads’ who are operating in synchrony with Mexican cartels.

Asian criminal organizations have been working in Mexico for many year in drug trade and money laundering, but have recently moved into human trafficking business as Chinese migrants have started showing up at the border, cartel expert Robert Almonte told

‘The Chinese (smugglers) just can’t go over there and cut the Mexican cartels out – that just doesn’t happen. They’ve got to be paying the Mexican cartel some kind of a percentage, quota or tax,’ he said. 

The global arrivals in Southern California helped to propel the San Diego sector as the busiest in the nation. 

At least 37,370 migrants entered the US through the San Diego sector, which includes all of Southern California except for El Centro on the Arizona state line, according to the US Border Patrol.

A Chinese migrant camp near Jacumba, California has signs showing Chinese asylum seekers where to turn themselves over to US Border Patrol agents

A Chinese migrant camp near Jacumba, California has signs showing Chinese asylum seekers where to turn themselves over to US Border Patrol agents

In April, the San Diego region surpassed Tucson, which had been the nation’s busiest, and fell to second with 31,219 border encounters.

El Paso sector, which includes the West Texas city and all of New Mexico, rose to third with 30,393. 

San Diego’s rise as the number one border hot spot had been expected, as the area had been getting bombarded with as many as 6,000-8,000 border crossers a week in the last few months.

‘Unfortunately, I’m not surprised,’ San Diego County Commissioner Jim Desmond told last month.

‘Texas is clamping down and other areas are clamping down. Here in California, they’re allowed to walk in unimpeded. They’re going to follow the path of least resistance, and the least resistance is in California.’

A $13 billion business of trafficking humans from Mexico into the US has been described as whac-a-mole by border experts- where one area flares up as others quiet down.

Migrants who are arrested in San Diego sector are vetted by US Border Patrol are being released onto the streets. 

The county migrant shelter closed a few months back, after local leaders decided they did not want to the $18 million dollars a year to keep running it.

However, the county has been promised $20 million by the Biden to open up a shelter in the coming weeks. 

‘It was costing us, at that point in time, about $1.5 million a month to basically be their travel agent. Border Patrol was their Uber, bringing them to those drop off areas, and then we were their travel agent,’ Desmond quipped.

Without the local shelter, migrants are either being let loose at a transit station or at the airport by the feds. 

Migrants have been known to spend as many as five days crashing at the airport while they wait for a flight out of town, Desmond added.

Like other border communities across the country, San Diego’s airport does not add extra flights simply because there’s a spike in migrant crossings.

Often times, there aren’t available seat to fly out or migrants, with limited means, wait a day or two until ticket prices drop and they can afford to travel to their final destination.