Shocking X-ray of a zombie knife deliberately stabbed into a victim’s BUTTOCKS

Shocking X-ray of a zombie knife deliberately stabbed into a victim’s BUTTOCKS by a jealous love rival’s friend in vicious ‘bagging’ attack reveals depths of Wild West Britain’s blade epidemic

  • Aaron Toward-Parker, 18,  plunged the zombie knife into the victim’s buttocks
  • The menacing serrated blade lodged so deeply it had to be surgically removed
  • Wiltshire Police released the image to warn about knife crimes in the area 

This shocking x-ray shows a zombie knife embedded into a victim’s buttocks, in another chilling example of Wild West Britain’s knife epidemic. 

The menacing serrated blade was lodged so deeply it had to be surgically removed, after the attack by Aaron Toward-Parker in Covingham, Wiltshire, in January.

Jack Parfitt and accomplice Toward-Parker took part in the vicious assault, against a  supposed love rival of Parfitt’s.

Parfitt was believed to be upset a colleague of his pregnant girlfriend was flirting with her, so arranged to meet up with him at a local park.

After seeing his target Parfitt shot at him with a BB gun, then asked Toward-Parker to pull out his knife as reported by The Swindon Advertiser.

A zombie knife deeply embedded within the victim’s back in a process known as ‘bagging’, where gang members can target the lower body so the victim has to wear a colostomy bag

Parfitt is thought to have told Toward-Parker to ‘back out the shank.’

Toward-Parker told his victim – who cannot be named because he is under 18 – ‘Don’t think I won’t bore you out with the knife’, before plunging it into his buttocks. 

The lower body can be target in knife attacks in a process that is known as ‘bagging.’ 

The injured person will often have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of their life, thought to be the ultimate humiliation.

The image was released by Wiltshire Police amid a warning from police chiefs, after a series of violent cases involving knives in the area.

A judge has put Parfitt – 17 at the time of the attack – on a youth rehabilitation order as he has served eight months inside on remand.

Toward-Parker, had denied wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, saying the blade went in by accident. A jury last week took an hour to find him guilty.

He has been remanded in custody for reports to be prepared and will be sentenced in October.

Sonja Leith, head of crime prevention at Wiltshire Police, said: ‘We are carrying out a wide range of proactive work and activities aimed at highlighting the impact that knife crime has on our communities’

‘Although these types of incidents are rare, it is still incredibly concerning when we have cases where young people are carrying weapons and then using them to assault others.

‘However, it is important to stress that the vast majority of young people do not carry knives and those who do have a much higher likelihood of becoming a victim of knife crime themselves.

‘We would hate to think that young people were arming themselves with the misguided view that this makes them safer, when in fact the very opposite is true.’