Shop Online for Bedroom Sets You’ll Love

What’s the one room in your home where you relax in style and comfort that’s all your own?

If you answered the bedroom, you’re right. Your bedroom is the place you go to get away from the rest of the world. When you open your bedroom door, you should feel as if you’re off on a short vacation. The room should be organized, neat, and inviting.

But if you don’t have the right furniture in the space, it will feel as if you’re entering a warzone. Who wants to come home and clean up the aftermath of the clothing bomb that exploded earlier in the week?

Furnishing your bedroom is about more than just finding a great bedframe and plush mattress. There’s a huge need for storage in the room, and finding the right bedroom set means choosing the best dressers, nightstands, seating, and more.

Right now, shopping has never been easier as you don’t have to drag yourself to a dozen stores with confusing sales and pushy salespeople. Now, you can browse and purchase furniture from just about anywhere with no hassle.

So, let’s take a look at a few of the top online stores to shop for bedroom sets.


If you’re looking for quality brand-name bedroom sets but aren’t looking to pay brand-name prices, then 1StopBedrooms has a large selection to choose from. Use the site’s filter to narrow down your choices so you won’t have to sift through hundreds of pages.

Are you looking to create a laid-back casual feel? Or do you enjoy the shimmer and sparkle of a glam look?

Perhaps you’d rather have a more traditional or antique look for the space. No matter what your design goals are, you’ll find the bedroom set you need here. This online store carries a wide array of styles, colors, and materials for every budget.

Start shopping today, and you’ll receive big savings as every day is a sale at 1StopBedrooms.


Are you looking for a touch of class from the past? Do you just love the clean lines and minimal ornamentation of mid-century modern bedroom designs? Then you will enjoy browsing through CB2’s online website for your next bedroom set.

CB2 is the sister brand of Crate and Barrel, so if you already have an affinity for their style, you will undoubtedly like what CB2 has to offer.

The furniture is modern, edgy, playful, and multifunctional. Find a bedroom set with contemporary details that attract you to modern pieces, such as matte metal finishes. Shop and order directly from their website, and you won’t be disappointed.

Blu Dot

This company was started by two friends who were looking for modern home furniture and stumbled upon a problem they decided to solve.

The affordable pieces didn’t work with the aesthetic they wanted to create, and the pieces they fell in love with were way out of their price range. Instead of throwing their hands up in defeat, the two friends found someone to craft beautiful pieces at affordable prices.

They describe their bedroom looks as snoozy and snazzy, which is just right for the contemporary shopper. They incorporate leather and velvet to provide simple but textured designs that will make your bedroom feel like a retreat.

The selection of bedroom furniture is limited, but that is for a good reason.

Blu Dot takes the process very seriously and designs every piece of furniture they make.

That means they are involved with the process from the moment the idea becomes a drawing, and that drawing is carefully crafted into a bed, dresser, nightstand, or another piece of furniture for the bedroom.


Some bedrooms are designed awkwardly, and maximizing the space is challenging if you shop at a traditional furniture store. That’s where Burrow can make a difference. They have unique solutions for every space due to their modular designs.

The modular furniture fits easily into regular-sized shipping boxes, so you can receive your furniture through a normal delivery service. That’s why Burrow offers free delivery on all orders, which can add up to more than $100 on bigger items.

Assembly on these bedroom sets is so simple your bed will be ready to comfort you in minutes. And, when it’s time to move into a new space, disassembling the pieces is just as easy, which takes some of the hassles out of moving.

Industry West

With more than ten years in the industry, this company has found ways to remain innovative and keep its customers happy with mid-century and modern-industrial furniture designs. Whether you’re looking for a king, queen, full, or twin-sized bedroom set, Industry West has stunning, well-constructed pieces that will be with you for years.

They incorporate solid woods and earthy tones to give your room a natural yet trendy appeal. Or, you can choose a more vibrant and bold color to express yourself. Either way, Industry West has what you are looking for. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and when you retire for the evening, you’ll do so in a room perfectly curated for your well-being.


Modern furniture is extremely popular, and Kardiel has been influenced by designs of decades past.

The family-owned company has collaborated with furniture designers from all corners of the world to bring you distinctive and functional pieces that will bring sophistication and elevate your bedroom’s style.

The bedroom sets have a retro-modern charm that makes them unique and desirable. The furniture is crafted in small batches to ensure its quality and rarity. You can rest assured that your bedroom design will be yours and no one else’s.

Each piece of the high-quality bedroom set is made by hand. Blend the natural materials of the mid-century modern style with the right bedding and other bedroom accessories, and you’ll have the retro-modern space you’ve always dreamed of.

Visit the site for interior design tips, or browse for inspiration and to stay on top of the new trends emerging in modernism.