Shoppers devastated after popular $2 item vanishes from supermarket shelves: ‘It’s a worrying trend’

Shoppers are concerned over the disappearance of some of their old favourites from the sweet treats aisle at the supermarket. 

Australian shoppers have noticed Bounty chocolate bars ‘vanishing’ from stores in recent months and were worried the confectionery item had been discontinued.

The missing Bounty bars continue a ‘worrying trend’ of iconic confectionery buys vanishing – behind a popular Allen’s chocolate and beloved Five Flavours Lifesavers.

However, a Mars Wrigley spokesperson confirmed that while Bounty was experiencing a manufacturing issue, the popular coconut chocolate will be back on supermarket shelves in the middle of June.

‘Our much-loved Bounty is not going anywhere, however due to capacity constraints at our factory in Europe, Australian consumers may be experiencing stock shortages in some areas of the country,’ a spokesperson told FEMAIL. 

Australian shoppers have noticed Bounty chocolate bars ‘vanishing’ from stores

Australians recently shared their frustrations with the popular buy on Reddit.

‘What’s up with Bounty chocolate bars vanishing?’ a shopper asked.

‘Every time I go to Coles or Woolies, I can never find them. I went to Big W and the only area they had them was in the grab stands at the registers. Are they being discontinued or something?’

A few recommended alternatives.

‘Sorry to be cliché and recommend Aldi, but the Aldi versions are good and made in Europe – so you’re getting the good chocolate,’ one said.

‘Whittaker’s coconut chocolate!’ another exclaimed.

A woman shared that she has started making them at home. 

‘You can make your own with three ingredients: condensed milk, shredded coconut, and melted chocolate. It tastes the same.’