Should I create a VPAT for my technology product?

Ever heard of a VPAT? If this is the first time you’ve heard of VPAT, it is the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template. It is an ICT product document conforming to the Section 508 Standards, which is one of the many disability laws which essentially requires federal agencies to make their ICT (technology, online training, and websites) accessible for everyone. Ultimately, it is a law that requires agencies to make computers, phones, and office equipment accessible to those with disabilities.

Other ICT products include smartphones, telephones, televisions, websites, PDF documents, call centers, desktop computers, laptops, operating systems, software, copiers, printers, and fax machines. A VPAT is essential to those who sell and buy ICT products. This also helps in decision-making before purchasing a product.

If you are a startup company focusing on anything related to technology, then you should probably consider getting a VPAT. But how do we get one exactly? And Where can you get a VPAT template? This article will show you everything you need to know. Read further if you are interested in learning more. Before getting a VPAT, make sure that your state requires it. In the state of California, a VPAT is required.

There are various policies to make ICT accessible to everyone. Whether it be employees, students, and more. The good news is that not everyone is required to get a VPAT. The law states that only those who work for government agencies are required to get a VPAT, although it is highly recommended if you want to refrain from any future lawsuits and if you also think that inclusivity and diversity is important in your company.

How To Get a VPAT

In order to get the right VPAT, it is highly recommended to hire an external audit team as it would ensure accurate VPAT documents. Since you are a technology company, and a VPAT is a legal document, make sure that you have accurate documents either in PDF or physical copy.

External audit teams such as ADA Compliance Pros offer VPAT. They offer templates that will be used to create your ACcessibility Conformance Report or ACR, which will state what accessibility standards you meet. ADA Compliance Pros is the best because they are the experts, fighting hard to help protect clients from ADA lawsuits and helping clients get VPAT by improving accessibility for all.

From commercial properties to websites, they help remove accessibility barriers. Their end-to-end approach takes out the guesswork and gets their client to be ADA and VPAT compliant. If you think that mental health in relation to people with disabilities is important to you, then consulting with them is the way to go.

Their focus has been to protect businesses and property owners from ADA lawsuits. With over 1,000 surveys, they have perfected how to best minimize lawsuit exposure. They also maintain an iron-clad policy to never work with plaintiffs if there is active litigation.

What are the Benefits of Getting VPAT?

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are a few reasons why getting a VPAT is beneficial to your tech company:

  • Boosts Sales – Buyers who care about inclusivity love knowing that the company or brand they’re supporting cares about what they care about too. This attracts more buyers and boosts sales which increases your revenue.
  • Diversity – Getting VPAT means educating you, and your co-workers of the struggle that people with disabilities face every day. By making products that are accessible to everyone, your company is in support of everyone and anyone.
  • Educates – Many people don’t care to think about the products that they buy. By getting VPAt, helps customers get informed about those with disabilities, making them aware of products they should and shouldn’t be supporting.