Signs you need a new roof

If these signs are there, then you need to change your roof!

Even the best roof types reach their limit and end of life eventually. It is essential to bear this in mind and be on the lookout for indications that your roof requires a change.

Bear in mind that you are your primary maintenance personnel and if something does not feel or look right with your roofing, it most likely isn’t! Waiting till the signs are very apparent may be dangerous as the damage at this stage may be fatal and very likely to cost more as the damage would affect other aspects of your house.

As the popular saying goes “A stitch in time saves nine”, you will be better off handling the changes as soon as you notice any of the signs highlighted below. If you notice one or more of them, please contact your local roofer immediately, such as Nimbus Roofing if you are in Texas!

Listed below are some of the key signs you need to look out for

Algae Bloom:

Those dark green patches on your roof do not add to the aesthetics of your home and are also an indication of moisture damage. Algae blooms and mold infestations generally are a result of excessive moisture and they damage the structure of the roof. If you sight any of those patches, pick up your phone immediately and call a professional to look at it.

Life Span:

Most roofing types last between 12-15 years. Only metal roof types last longer. If you notice other homes in your locale getting their roofs replaced, it may be an indicator that yours is due for a change too. Check the age of your roof and if it is approaching the later years of its lifespan, you should budget and plan for a new roof.

Granules in Roof Gutters:

While cleaning your roof gutters routinely (we recommend 2-3 times a year), be on the lookout for chunks of shingle granules in the gutter. The more chunks, the closer you are to a damaged roof.  The chunks represent degradation to your roof shingles which in turn points to the need for a roof change.

Curved Shingle edges:

Typical roof shingles are well finished with smooth edges to maintain aesthetic and structural integrity. Once you notice a good number of those shingles with curved and chipped edges, it is an indication that your roof needs replacement.

Warped Decking:

This sign requires immediate action as a delay will lead to hazardous structural damage to your house. The decking is a foundational cover for the roofing structure. In essence, it is the last layer of “defense” from external weather conditions. A warped decking is an indication that the roofing layer above has been compromised. Dealing promptly with this will save you cost on future repairs to your home.

Missing Roof Shingles:

Over the years as a result of bad weather such as storms, you might face hail roof damage. One or two missing pieces may not spell doom, but when they become several missing shingles, the roofing structure may become compromised and it will be ideal to replace the roof. It is recommended you speak to a roofer once you notice a conspicuous number of missing shingles.

From experience, it is best not to take it lights when it comes to your roof. So if you have experienced any of the indicators above, make it a point of duty to speak to a roofer today so you can ensure that your home is well protected by your roofing.