​Signs Your Aging Parents Need Help

When you are younger, it can feel as if your parents are invincible and capable of doing anything. As your parents get older, however, it becomes apparent that they will not always be able to care for themselves as they have in the past. It is only right that you watch for warning signs that your parents need a helping hand with some things, such as managing their health or their finances.

Ignoring these warning signs can actually put your parents’ health and safety in danger. So, it’s important to take action as soon as you start to see your parents are struggling. Here are some signs you might notice when it is time to start helping your aging parents.

Problems Managing Finances

The older a person gets, the harder it becomes for them to remember important things, such as when bills are due or when registrations need to be renewed. If you start to notice that your parents have stacks of overdue bills, it is time to step in and help. One of the best ways to manage an aging parent’s finances is by applying for adult guardianship. If this request is approved, you can take control and give your parents the financial assistance they need.

If you are not sure how to go about applying for adult guardianship, seek out the help of a legal team, such as the Law Offices of Thomas Stahl, to learn more about the process. With their assistance, you can apply for and get this guardianship request approved. Moving quickly to get adult guardianship is the best way to help your parents avoid long-term financial damage and debt.

Issues Involving Decreased Mobility

There are roughly 54 million elderly citizens currently living in the United States. Many of these citizens have a hard time getting around, due to injuries or pain and discomfort. As the human body ages, mobility issues become a common problem. If your aging parent is having a hard time getting up and down stairs or just moving around their home in general, it’s important to step in and help before an accident happens.

The first step will be to talk to a medical professional to determine the scope of their limited mobility and what you can expect in terms of progression. In some instances, the mobility issues your aging parent has can be helped with physical therapy. However, there are many cases when these mobility issues will be permanent. If your parents are having a hard time safely moving around their home, it may be time to look at moving.

Talking with your aging parents and explaining to them why you want to move them to a safer living space is important. Try and listen to their concerns and input, and look for a solution that works for everyone involved.

Sudden Weight Loss

A healthy diet is something an aging person needs to stay active and mobile late into their golden years. However, there may come a time when your aging parent doesn’t have the energy or the mental faculties to prepare healthy meals for themselves or get enough exercise. If this starts to happen to one of your parents, you may begin to notice weight loss over time. If you notice this, talk to your parent about what could be going on.

If your parent expresses the inability to cook for themselves, for example, then you need to help them figure out a solution. One option could be hiring a senior care service to help prepare meals in their home. These services specialize in helping aging individuals maintain their independence by providing support. Before hiring a service to help you with these important tasks, be sure to check out their reputation online. Carefully assess online reviews and ask for recommendations from people in your community to choose the best fit.

The Appearance of Bruises and Injuries

If an aging senior has issues with mobility and balance, it is only a matter of time before accidents start to occur. When these accidents happen, they can leave bruises and cuts. When you start to notice these kinds of injuries, you have to figure out what is happening. In some instances, an elderly person will not remember how they got injured, which is even more of a cause for concern.

Finding ways to make your aging parent’s home safer is a must. This can be accomplished with the addition of things like handrails and shower chairs. You also need to think about using medical emergency technology so your parent can get the help they need in the event of a fall or other emergency.

If you are noticing one or more of the warning signs listed here, then it is time to take action. With some hard work and the help of professionals, you can keep your aging parent safe for years to come.