Simple Life Hacks to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Humanity has practically found itself on the verge of an energetic crisis. In a global sense, unreasonable energy consumption affects the environment, and privately  – it affects your wallet.

Of course, you can use some alternative sources of power such as solar chargers for tablet computers and other devices but make sure to adhere to the following reasonable pieces of advice to reduce your electricity bill.

Keep the House Clean

Even if the genie cannot be called, the lamps will become cleaner, and the light from them will be brighter. Develop the habit of periodically ridding ceiling lamps from dirt and dust. In addition, clean windows are a guarantee for the effective use of daylight.

Choose Equipment According to Your Needs

Household power meters will determine the cost of the operation of an electric device.

Buy devices of such power and volume that you really need. For example, when choosing a refrigerator, calculate its volume based on 50–80 liters per person. Unused space will be cooled continuously, which will consume electricity.

Hunters, fishermen, and garden owners may need up to 100 liters.

This rule applies to other devices, such as washing machines, ovens, etc. Use only energy-efficient and necessary household appliances, and it is better to get rid of the extra ones, for example, donate or sell.

Join the Internet of Things

Of course, smart home devices cannot yet be used everywhere, as they continue to be under development.

However, some of them, for example, Wi-Fi sockets have become quite accessible. This thing can turn on and off your devices (including heating and ventilation) at a specified time.

Plus, the gadget keeps track of energy consumption statistics in real-time and can display reports for a week or a month.

Remove the Charger from the Outlet After Fully Charging the Device

Always unplug electrical appliances when you are not using them. This is especially true of office equipment, which is constantly connected to the network, and the charge of modern devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops).

Remember: everything that is connected to the outlet, even when turned off, consumes electricity (for a year, about 5–10% of the total energy consumption can be generated). Moreover, most devices can work perfectly from solar panels.

Use this opportunity to save your money and make a contribution to the safety of the environment.

Heat the House Reasonably

As a rule, a lot of energy goes into maintaining heat in the house. Therefore, it is necessary to always follow, that the window should be tightly closed during the cold season and the wind would not blow through the gaps.

Also, do not allow complete cooling at home. At the time of your absence, it is better not to turn off the heating, but only reduce the temperature by a few degrees. This will reduce the costs of heating because you will need to spend much more energy to heat the absolutely cooled house.

It is also very reasonable to use a smart heating system that allows you not to heat the rooms that you do not use, and vice versa, to maintain a constant temperature in the premises that are constantly used.